Friday, March 03, 2006

I Bleed... Yarra!

I've just finished packing my bag for my trip to North Sydney tomorrow. My flight's at 4pm tomorrow, and i'll only be back next Tuesday; just in time for 2 maths tests and a dead-important BM SAC. Well, many people have labelled me as a "nerd" after the amount of time i've spent in the library instead of playing soccer. But i guess it's time to take a break. Sure, i'm gonna study a little in Sydney, but i'll have a great time with my Year 9 billet, Andrew Cepak, and bring the Prefect's Cup back to Melbourne High!

Waterloo, Como and Forrest all produced good, but ordinary performances on the Piano, Violin and Clarinets in today's Instrumentals Contest. But Yarra's Ryan Williams showed the audience, and the adjudicator, the other side to Music with a daring and unique performance on the Recorder. haha! It was entertaining and hilarious at the same time. Well, we came 2nd for the Instrumentals Contest, but next up was the Choral Contest.

I felt like wetting my pants as i walked up the stage, as i heard the loud strong chants behind my back, "Yarra! Yarra! Yarra!". The feeling was phenomenal. The Chorals have always belonged to Yarra, and always will. However, losing out to Forrest last year left an eternal scar on the pride and dignity of each Yarraman.

As the first words came outta our mouths, i could see the immediate change of expressions on the faces of all the other houses. The quality of our singing was top-class, perfect to the pitch, and rang loud and clear to every ear in the Melbourne Town Hall. I felt proud, elated and filled with zeal as i sang my heart out for Yarra. The strength and passion in our voices made the other houses' performances pale in contrast. We totally owned it.

When i walked down that stage, i knew it was in the bag.

Yep, Yarra's won it's pride back at last.. the Cock belongs to us!

I love RED!!

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