Saturday, March 11, 2006

Finally! the Hols!

The long-awaited holidays have finally come. The first term has really zoomed past in a flash... the unbelieveably large amount of work has just kept me constantly occupied. haiz... time really flies. I don't wanna grow up so fast, yet i'm dying to get my drivers license =) Yea! I can't believe i'm actually having a break! I played Dota, for the first time in 2 months, till 3am last night with Nick and Gabriel.

The last day of school, yesterday, was pretty fun. Firstly, i was thank God for helping get an A+ mark of 23/25 for my first BM SAC. Also, i topped my Methods class in a test that i knew nothing about, and had no time to prepare for as i was in North Sydney, with a score of 47/50. haha! Thank God!

Anyway, Harish picked up a semi-serious ankle ligament tear during a soccer game on Wednesday, but he still came down to school yesterday. The dudes went to MC for KFC, and we watched the Blackburn vs Tottenham match that was showing at the food court. I couldn't spend much time with the guys, who went to STRIKE later on, cuz i had to go to Joyce's farewell party at South Melbourne beach. Yea, but it was really nice hanging out with them...

Yea... the party at the beach was good. There were a ton of people there, many that i didn't know. Erm... Terrence, Michael, James, Blee, Jerusha, Peter Wangie, Tommy (the piss-wink), Leo and Jimmy were there. We had a mini-game of beach soccer and all. People were getting dumped into the sea, and all. haha! Joyce got chucked into the sea twice! Tommy was being a piss-wink... he didn't want to get his "$400 richman" jeans sandy, and spent most of his time on tip-toes. haha! It was hilarious!

After the party, Jerusha, Joyce, Vicky and i took a tram from Port Melbourne to Box Hill. Joyce was just considering if she should buy a ticket, when 6 ticket inspectors hopped onto the tram. Joyce and Vicky ended up getting fined -.-""""

We met up with Nick, Shuan, Gab, Joshua, Audrey, Aviel, Adora, Chara, Mike and Rachel for dinner at La Porchetta. haha! I was absolutely bloated after that meal! We shared 4 pizzas and 4 pastas among us since Nick INSISTED on having so much food. haha!

Oh, i played Dota with Gab and Nick till 3.40am last night... -.-"

Joyce is gonna leave for Japan on Monday for 10 months. Just wanna thank you for being such a cheerful friend =) Enjoy your trip to Japan, and get the most outta it! Catch ya in 10 months!

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