Thursday, March 09, 2006

North Sydney Exchange

The only thing i regret is forgetting to bring a camera along to North Sydney -.-"" The sights at Syndey were sensational! Some of the most picturesque scenery i've seen in my entire life! Especially the view from the train while it was crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The trademark harbour looked absolutely spectacular from a bird's eye view. I loved the small green islands not far from the harbour most... all i wanted to do was to jump off the plane and swim to one of those seductively-green islands.

Andrew Cepak, my billet, is an awesome dude! He's in Year 9, but he's a huge tank... biggest in his grade. He did Javellin, Short put and High jump. I did Futsal. Hmm... he was really friendly. And his mum looked after me as though i was her son. She got up early in the mornings just to make us our breakfasts and to prepare our lunches. haha! I've never lived with an Aussie family before, so this was a great experience. The food was pretty good actually. I remember having a bacon and egg burger for breakfast, Australian Stir-fry, Pizza and a Burrito for dinner. haha! I was bloated after every meal. That explains why Aussies are so huge!

Andrew's dad, Mark, had an extremely rich friend named Barry who owned a Visual Communications company and an awesome yacht. And he organised a boat trip for Andrew and i. Andrew's dad couldn't make it, so George (Andrew's Uncle) took us down to the port, and we met Barry there. Whoa.. his 750k yacht was enormous! He showed us all the fanciful gadgets on the yacht, including a fully-mad GPS-tracking system! haha! He even gave us a little session about how to drive a yacht!

Barry took us to this place called Refuge Bay. Andrew and I then got onto a small dingy boat and sped through the waters. We went to the nearby beach, and basically just went around the bay. We were about 400m away from the yacht when we ran outta petrol! lol! So we had to paddle the whole way back to top the tank up. 400m sounds like a piece of cake, but the strong current and the blistering wind made it like hell. haha! There were many other yachts docked at the bay, and the people on them started cracking up when they saw us -.-'"" haha!

When we got tired of the dingy, we went fishing for a bit. I caught 2 fishes and Andrew caught 3. But they were too small to keep anyway, so we just threw them back into the water. Oh, there was this one fish that got caught really badly. The hook went in its mouth and caught its gills. It started bleeding profusely when i tried to get the hook out -.-""" haha! it was really freaky. Btw, Andrew's afraid of fish!!! loL! He freaked out when i flung the struggling fish at him. Anyway, it died in the end... my first murder.

Oh yes, we went for a long swim from the yacht to the beach. I think it was about 800m...yea, i LONG and TIRING swim. We spent about 5 hours there in total.

I'm not gonna talk much about the Crawford Shield because we lost it 6 sports to 8 -.-"" That's the first time in 100 years that North Sydney High has won it. We played the best outta 3 games for Futsal, and we lost all three. 9-2, 6-1 and 6-3 were the scores respectively -.-"" We got owned really badly. I was left on ther bench for the entire first game though -.-"" The Year 12's think they're really good and all, but i reckon the only good player was Danno. Sigh... hope this has knocked them to their senses. Doesn't matter, we'll win it back next year when Turk, Tommy, Laios, Tran, Jin, Harish, Marcus, Duc and the rest get to play.

These two days have been extremely hectic. On my first day back, i got presented with a Chemistry test which i knew nothing about... i asked my teacher if he could postphone it but he refused. -.-""" What a tightarse. You sacrifice your precious time to represent your school and this is what you get in return.

Anyway, i had a Methods test and a BM SAC today. Haiz... the Meothds teacher agreed to postphone my test because i didn't have the time to sit for it. Tomorrow's the last day of school and i've gotta hand in an English Essay and a Economics SAC, do a Economics test, a Maths General Test, and a Methods test -.-""" It's hell!

Gotta get back to work now. Thanks Andrew and the Cepak family for your hospitality! Oh yea, Andrew had a cool bro, Chris, and a nice lil sis named Eliza. Thanks guys! =)

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