Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Futsal Training Match

The Fungus Futsal team took on the dudes from Melbourne High today down in the Aqualink Centre in Box Hill. Phan, Jin, Tommy, Jimmy, Banh, lil Joe and Jono took on Nick, Jerusha, Pete, Gab, Shaun, Alvin Jack and myself. We paid a total of $54 for 2 hours (that's an awesome price! it's almost half the price of one at Albert Park)

Anyway, i was kindda disappointed early in the day because people were letting me know that they won't be able to make it at the last minute -.-" Turk, Lobo, and even Tran. Sigh... Harish even called up and said that he was "too tired", and "had to do Physics homework". lol! But i forced him to come anyway.

The game was really competitive, and it went on for the whole two hours. haha! I'm feeling dead tired right now, but i've still got a lot of Maths to get through -.-" The dudes pillaged us in the first few minutes, and gave us a 4-1 mountain to climb. Harish, the top goal scorer knocked in 6 goals, i had 5, Tommy had 3, Nick had 3, Jerusha had 1, Pete had 1, Jimmy had 2 and Gab had 1. We won 11-10 in the end. haha! Don't know if that adds up, but it was such a tight game though.

Tomorrow's the big day. The Fungus team hasn't lost a single match yet, and i want to maintain that record =) But i'm not too sure about tomorrow judging by the way we played today. Though the defence was pretty solid, and we maintained a considerable amount of possession, we struggled to get the ball past the goal line. We blew great chances when the ball was only begging to be put away. haha! I hope this doesn't happen tomorrow.

I've been studying so much in the past two days, Covlent Network Lattices, Covalent Layer Lattices, Macbeth, the Factors influencing price, supply and demand, the importance of corporate culture and the use of it, the valency table... haiz... i'm running on overload right now. But i've still got tons to get through...

But it makes me treasure days like these when you can just relax and hang out with your friends, to appreciate something that i haven't been able to do.

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