Friday, March 24, 2006

Sweet Feet Beat Crazy Legs

The inter-church Futsal comp went awesome yesterday! I was surprised to see so many familiar faces from the other churches. There were about 4 Melbourne High dudes, and 3 people i knew from Chink school.

Well, the first game was against "Bilingual A Team". It started off slow with Nick, Jerusha, Pete, Alvin and myself on the field. It was then that we coped the only goal in the whole knock-out tournament - a glancing header from some really tall dude. haha! The ball was pumped high up from a kick-in and flew straight into the goal. Well, a goal can't be scored from a kick-in. However, this dude claimed that the ball skimmed past his hair, but others said that there was no contact at all.

Fortunately, we dominated the game and wrapped it up with a 4-1 victory, thanks to 2 goals from Nick, 1 from Shaun and 1 from Gab. Then we overcame our fatigue and played for the Netball A Team (who needed A LOT of help!) Nick and i had no clue how to play Netball, so we just defended at the back. haha! We were really effective surprisingly, and the first half ended 0-0. But we were too tired to continue, so we got replaced... what do you know... we lost 4-2 in the end -.-"""

Our next match was against "Linc B team". We completely dominated possession in the first half, putting pressure on the opponents at every opportunity possible; which paid off in a 4-0 score line at half time.

At this point, some players in the "Linc A team" got a little pissed off.. and so they decided to hop on the battlefield. We were really intimidated by the new burst of talent in the team because they had defeated their opponents 7-0 in the last stage. Well, we played just as we did in the first half and scored some awesome strikes and some neat finishes to end the game with a 7-0 scoreline =) lol! Thanks to a brilliant performance from Shuan with 3 goals, I scored 2, Nick scored 1, and Jerusha scored a left-footed drive from halfway.

With that, we made it to the finals. However, we got a little shocked as we sat by the sidelines and watched the other semi-final - Linc A versus Bilingual B. It was obvious that the players from Linc A, who played for their B team against us, were struggling to keep up with the pace of the game. How Foolish! Anyway, there were 5 good players on the field from teams. Not surprisingly, the game ended 2-2 and had to be decided in a shootout. Linc A buried 21 outta 3, while Bilingual B kept a perfect score of 3 outta 3 to make it to the final!!!!

Nick, Quentin and i had done some prior planning and tactical plays, but it all came down to this 20 minute final. The opposition had 3 decent players - Shef (a striker), Crazy Legs (a defender that spends most of his time sliding on the ground and injuring opposition players, and a random guy in blue (a midfielder who has awesome ball control).

Throughout the game, Pete and i kept a tight backline in front of a watchful Alvin (the keeper) while Shaun, Jerusha and Gab kept making runs. Nick had a serious cramp in his thigh and had to sit out. Surprisingly, we kept a clean sheet and scored 4 goals in the first half! However, Shaun and Jerusha got knocked up pretty badly by "Crazy Legs". They were bruised and battered. loL!

Anyway, the second half started with an even bigger bang! We were on 110% straight from the kick off and we gave it all to them to finish it off with a 8-0 scoreline - Nick scored 2, Shaun 2, Jerusha 1, Gab 1 and i scored 2. Yep... we had pizza and drinks after that, and i got to make some new friends too.

I just finished doing my QT, and i realised that Pride crept into each and everyone of us. And the bible says that Pride corrupts Wisdom. How true is that? I almost got carried away yesterday with the adrenaline rush, and i know that i was close to boasting and all.

Pride corrupts Wisdom

I wanna thank God for all the fun we had!

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