Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Yellow Leaf

I've made up my mind. Remember how i mentioned that i was going to take down all the letters on the walls of my room? I've decided to actually do it, i'm gonna take down 95% of them and replace them with some powerful prayers and sentimental poems that i wrote, which i will print off and laminate on a suitable backgrounds. haha! I'm gonna get some photo frames during my trip back to Singapore next week and develop some photos of my dear friends and myself. A room revamp over the hols. Oh yea!

I've got an inter-trainline soccer match tmr which happens to coincide with an English excursion to the National Art Gallery of Victoria. Soo.. i guess i'll have to "wag" the first 15 minutes or so of the excursion to finish the match first. haha!

We're playing Jin's Belgrave team's going to be a tough game, but i hope we'll go through :)

I'm still aching terribly from the 1 hour gym session on Monday. I think i pushed myself way too hard. I've gotta get myself into peak fitness by next Thursday. ahh! I'll be going to the gym at 8am tmr with James and Andrew.

Oh, i owe Danica this poem that i wrote for her when she left Fungus.

The Yellow Leaf

Summer's fading,
A chilling wind starts to blow.
As leaves start to fall,
So do friends come and go.

Trees grow proud,
As they boast crowns of gold.
But when that last leaf falls,
The trees shiver in cold.

You're like that last leaf,
So bright and full of cheer,
As time goes on,
We'll all miss you dear.

A youthful cheer's lost,
We all heave a sigh.
But we'll always remember,
The time you said "Goodbye".


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