Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Midyears Are Over!!

I've been dying to make this post!

The Accounting exam was relatively easy. I was rather confident when i walked out.

The Chemistry paper, on the other hand, was considerably harder than the past papers.

Well, i just wanna thank God for being there for me through it all... for giving me the perseverance over the tough weeks heading up to the exam. Also to all the friends who shared in my struggles and made it through unscathed :)

Most of you know that i stuck letters that i received from various friends all over the walls of my room. Well, i'm thinking of taking some of them off and replacing them with photos of my friends and i, along with some of the poems that i composed. Ofcourse, they will be fully laminated with some scenic and deeply sentimental image in the background. haha! Well, that's on the top of my mind at the moment. But we'll see how things come along.

I'm going back to Singapore in 3 weeks for my NS testing! haha! I'm aiming to do 20 chin-ups. So that's 9 more than i have to make before the term ends! ahhh! Tommy! Marcus! Banh! Harish! Gym after GAT tomorrow! haha!

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