Monday, June 25, 2007

a ride on the train..

We made it through to the semi-finals of the inter-trainline soccer tournament last Friday. The match ended in a stalemate: 0-0 and went to penalties. I thought we were done for when Marcus, Harish and i missed our penalties but Chanana (our outstanding keeper) kept us in the game with a streak of 7 awesome saves in a row! Not only did we keep the shots out, Eugene, Tat, Phan clinically converted their spot kicks and sent us through to the semi-finals! Well done guys! :)

We're playing in the semi-finals tomorrow against the Frankston line. haha! It's going to be a funny game; wish us all the best! I think we stand a good chance of getting into the final. It'll be a dream-come-true if we actually win the tournament. haha! It'll be good to finish the year as Inter-Trainline Soccer Champions!!! Booyah!

Anyway, i was rather bored on the train to school the other day and i jotted this down in my diary:

"Isn't it "elateful" when God puts amazing mysteries in our lives? In my darkest of moments God gave me an unexpected surprise. As one would naturally be, i'm still in a state of semi-shock and i don't really know what to do. I think i know what i should do, and yet i lack the courage to do it. Firstly because i'm a timid coward. And secondly, i don't know if i'm thinking straight. It scares me how an unexpected blessing from God can turn out to be a heartbreak depending on how i react to it; what i do in the upcoming weeks. I'm at a loss. Maybe i shouldn't take things into my own hands like i used to. Commit it to God? Yea, but i lack the trust. It's peculiar how i've trusted him several times and he's never failed me. Yet i still don't trust him enough. Surely what he's done for me should be more than sufficient to win more than my trust. God, help me. Grant me wisdom for i am utterly foolish."

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