Tuesday, June 12, 2007

VCE Mid-year Exams

I've got 5 hours to go before my VCE Accounting Midyear exam. It's a shocking realisation that all those 12 hard years of studying all boils down to this; how well you do in your final VCE exam. I should be a lot more nervous than i am now, but i thank God i'm not.

I spent the entire morning praising God and reading the bible. haha! I think i'm one of the most relaxed students in Victoria now.. feels good. Yeah, i just wanna thank all my good friends for all the encouragements i received last night. They all added up to put a smile on my face, i'm terribly grateful :)

I've got an Accounting exam today, and a Chemistry one tmr. So don't forget to pray for me! I need it x.x" I don't know what my mood will be like when i get back from school, but i'm relishing the fact that... the future's a mystery and all i can do to put myself at ease is to commit it to God.

Faith. It's a good feeling to trust God because you know that He never fails! :)

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