Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Swimming Carnival 2007

He's gonna get us both killed!

Jin's sexy skirt with nothing underneath. Sexy..

He's heavier than he looks!

Fishing with snakes.
The massive grandstand at MSAC

On the way to VideoEzy

That's the outdoor pool constructed just for the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Poland - Doesn't he look like Stevie G.?

A sharp part of the fence left a hole in my right palm -.-""" Stings whenever i wash my hands.
Santa Phan, Santa Phan, Santa Phan is here! lol! The costume belongs to his dad!

Life's beautiful when you take the time to appreciate it.

It's been a week since i last posted as i haven't really had the time to do so. Many pple have been asking me how Year 12's been treating me, and my reply is always: "Pretty good" with a slight hint of hesitation. I guess i shouldn't be expecting a bludge year in Year 12, but then again, it really isn't as hard as what pple make it seem to be. You just have to priorities, get your time management right and keep perseverance and motivational levels high. It sounds easy. I like phrases like that because it pulls me out of reality for a moment or two; moments of relaxation...

Quite a lot happened over the last few days. Well, there was Nick's house-warming party on Saturday. Harish and i went to sit for Dr. He's Methods tuition entrance exam (sounds absurdly ridiculous), which i failed horribly with a miserable score of 15% (I'm by no means proud of it at all, and i plead of you not to bring it up in any of our future conversations!) Then i caught a bus to Nick's new house. It looks smaller, but much neater than his old one.

The house was packed like a can of stuffed sardine + vegemite. Yea, the smell of everyone's body odours and sweat was overpowering.. and it was rather humid and warm that day too! Well, Pete, Shaun, Alvin and i had dinner and a nice chat on the stairway. Then we accompanied the girls on a 2km+++ walk to Video Ezy. It was then that i realised that i haven't seen Fearless!!! I got Darren to rent it, but we didn't watch it in the end.

I carried Josh on my shoulders for half the way back. haha! He was absolutely HORRIFIED when i let go of his hands and he grabbed my head in desperation. loL! He screamed at the top of his voice as he covered my eyes with his hands. Thinking back again, it was actually kindda dangerous as i was walking blindly. Yea well, i'm suffering from back aches now because of that. Oh, Josh and Darren managed to give me a piggybag for the last 20 metres or so. haha!

The House Swimming Trials were held on Monday. Turk, Anthony and i snuck outta school early and caught the train and tram to MSAC while the rest of the school took a jolly 30minute walk from South Yarra. haha! Anyway, the carnival was being held at a new venue: the outdoor pool used for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. It was such an honour swimming in the same pool used by all the world-class athletes! :)

Anyway, we were the first ones there and we weren't too sure how to get in. So Anthony decided to jump the 2 metre high fence and Turk was enthusiastic about it. I was the only reluctant one. They pestered me for a bit, until i finally agreed with a last sigh of hesitation," But we're just off the main road and everyone can see us!" lol! Anyway, Anthony (The Captain of Taekwando and Volleyball) and myself jumped over the fence with ease. When we got over, we turned around to see Turk hesitating. LOL! and he was like.. "are you sure, man?!" LOL! It's funny cuz he sounded so enthusiastic about climbing the fence before! Anyway, he took a leap and got one foot on the top of the fence, then he shifted his weight and got half his MASSIVE body mass over. It was THEN where he landed his crotch right smack in the middle of the fence; his entire weight was on his nuts! LOL! HE groaned in pain as he tried to wiggle free. I should've taken a picture!

Yea, he got over eventually, but Mr. Goodwin got us to go back out and walk in through the main entrance because "there was no way up to the grandstand from the pool". He was either lying or a complete fool. How can there not be a path between the grandstand and the pool???? How are the competitors going to come down from the stands?! Ridiculous.

Well, Forrest unexpectedly won the Swimming trophy, Yarra came 2nd followed by Waterloo and Como. haha! I competed in the U17 50x4 B Relay with a time of 33.7 secs. The race went something like this. No one in the team wanted to swim last, so i opted for it. The gun went off, the 1st swimmer, Floyd, was second to finished the first 50m. The second swimmer did a decent job to keep it at 2nd place. However, the third swimmer was a COMPLETE DUD! lol! He lost 2 positions and handed me a 2 second disadvantage. I was the last one off the blocks, i jumped in as quickly as i could and swam my guts out. I swam the first 15m forgetting to take a breath. haha! Anyway, i manage to catch up to the front two.. my hand hit the wall!!! I could hear my friends cheering me on from the stands... but we had to settle for 3rd place :( Only 0.2 seconds away from the 1st, and 0.01 seconds away from 2nd -.-"""" ARGH! I was really pissed yesterday. But what's done is done, and all i can do is to thank God for letting me come third instead of last! :)

That was the last swimming carnival i'll ever participate in. Surely one to remember :)

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