Monday, February 05, 2007


*Some pictures taken courtesy of Peter!




Once upon a fairly decent time, there was an English fishing boat out in the Pacific Ocean when a ferocious storm started to churn up the deep and dark waters. The Englishmen on the boat were frantically throwing their possessions into the water crying, "Blind me!"; with the intention of relieving the ship of excess weight. Well, the ship's captain hurriedly dialed for the German coast guard and shouted, "This is an emergency! We're SINKING! We're SINKING!"

A puzzled look crept into the German coast guard's face before he replied, "Erm," in his thick German accent, "what are you thinking about?"

That's one of the many internet jokes being circulated, and it, ironically, illustrates the precarious situation i'm in. I feel as though i'm on a boat that's on the verge of sinking due to the tremendous weight of homework, and the only way i'm staying afloat is to work my pants off; that is, sacrificing my MSN time, my blogging time, Soccer and some other stuff... but the situation is precarious because i've only been given ONE SAC so far and i'm supposed to be expecting MANY MANY MORE! Sigh.. each SAC is like a tonne of bricks thrown onto my sinking boat.

"I'm thinking about sinking because i've been thinking too much."

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