Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How're ya?

I just had a chat with Mel on MSN, and she asked me, " How're you?"

It's the most common question anyone could ever ask, but you can tell a lot about a person from the way he/she responds.

One word answers indicate that the person doesn't feel like talking much, thinks you're a retard, isn't sociable, or just doesn't know how to speak English.

Well, you probably came here to ask me the same question, to find out how i am.

I'll do a longer post on another day, but as for now...

I'm riding through the seas of homework like a steamboat through a rocky sea.. taking each wave as it comes along.

Highlights of the Day:

- Tried out for the North Sydney Exchange Futsal team, played decent, but the entire team as a whole lacks good-coordination and fluency in the game. We don't play with each other much, and therefore, don't know how to complement each other YET. The standard's pretty high. Only Tommy and i made the team.

- I delievered an awesome oral presentation for my English SAC, according to my friends. But i think i stuffed it up. I was presenting on the topic of the Role of Victorian Women, and i tried to win the audiences' attention by making jokes about women, and adding a few pictures of the magazine covers of Zoo and FHM. My teacher, Ms. Crossley, a strong believer of women's rights, put on positive look on her face throughout my presentation, but i saw her shaking her head in disgust when i did those things. Sigh.. hope she doesn't penalise me.

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