Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Aths Trials

Time Management is process of prioritising and organising the tasks that one has to get accomplished in the available time period - BM

I expected Year 12 to be this stressful, but i wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the academic pressures exerted by this final level of high school education. There's been so much homework being loaded upon me to satisfy my school's demand that every student should, ideally, spend three hours a night on study -.-" I'm a nerd, but i'm not half that nerdy. That stresses the importance of time management.

I get home at 4.30pm, take a shower and start my QT at 4.45. I finish my QT at about 5.45pm and i study for 1 hour till it's 7:00pm, then i have a one hour dinner, before resuming my study, and turning in at 10pm. That's a no-lifer! I can barely find time to blog! Every "free" period i get in school, i spend studying. The only recreation i get everyday is the precious 30 minutes of lunch time that i spend playing soccer on the hockey pitch. I really hope that the work load will simmer down a little so that i can more breathing space.

I went for my swimming trials yesterday, and i recorded a time of 33.7 seconds! I think that's a PB; a pretty good time, considering that i don't swim much. Stevie said that i'll make a relay team with that time. The House Swimming Competition's next Monday, and it will be the last time i'll be swimming for Yarra. Precious moments in life that i'll never forget. I must take a picture. haha! Hope i win that race!

There were athletics trials today. I clocked in at a dismal 12.85secs for the 100m course, which is a WHOLE lot worse than my 11.7 timing last year. Sigh.. i'm not as fit as last year, but i'm definitely not THAT unfit to the extent that i drop more than a second! Well, lots of people credit it to the fact that there was a headwind, the dodgy timers, and that we were running on grass. Whatever. I hope i make the aths team this year! :)

I take comfort in the fact that i'm not the only Year 12 feeling the presure. Audrey hasn't been online for ages and Ruth has just been non-existent. I hope they're coping well.

Things aren't going that well back in Singapore either. My grand dad's cancerous situation has apparently gotten much worse, and the doctor's given him two more weeks to live. My mum has been influenced by the news, and her moods have been utterly dampened. My dad's in Germany for a business trip now, and she's gotta bare the burden all by herself. I wanna spend time with her, but i'm compelled to stay in my room and work my butt off. Sigh.. She's flying back to Singapore for what may be for last meeting with my grand dad.

I've been praying for my grand dad's condition all this while; every night and day. I know God hears my cries, and that he loves my grand dad. And even though my grand dad may just pass away not too long from now, i know that His plans will always work out for the good of those who love him. But as for me, i'll put my hope and faith in the Lord, and i'll keep praying.

" Through God's mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is your Faithfulness." - Lamentations 3:22-23

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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