Monday, October 06, 2008

Bye Paul..

Paul left on Wednesday. I didn't think i'd feel this way. But I do miss him. I miss chatting with him about the most hypothetical stuff, watching "My Name is Earl", shopping, eating Mee Goreng and bowls of Coco Crunch in the middle of the night. He's got such a unique sense of humour. I took quite some time to get used to it. He reminds me of how lame i can be at times! x.-"

Sleeping on the floor for the past 3 weeks really got to my mood! Albeit, I had so many fun times with Paul.

At Philip Island; walking with the Penguins. We even got to see a wallaby jump outta nowhere into the path of the waddling penguins!

At Mornington Peninsula; fished for 5 hours and caught absolutely NOTHING! haha! That's something to remember!

At Healsville Sanctuary; we got to see the platypiii! loL! The massive pellicans. Paul even got the chance to stalk some kangaroos! Oh yes, and there was the wild wedged-tail eagle that scared the living daylights outta the vulture. The vulture flew away and the Birds of Prey show got cancelled.

At Box Hill; playing soccer.. watching you pull off all those fancy Singaporean tricks.

Paul, I'm glad that you took time off to come to Melbourne :)

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