Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paul Arrives Downunder

My passion blows swift
It is a rushing wind
A love so strong,
Yet lost in Its sense.

I want my love
To love your inner being
For better and worse
To fall deeper with you.

The past week has been utterly hectic for me. I led worship and bible study for Studentlife on Tuesday and Wednesday. My Tuesday was literally packed to the minute. I had a lecture and a prac till 12, then i had to RUSH all the way to the Old Geo building to lead worship which was meant to start at 12pm.

It was a completely new experience. As i walked into the lecture hall, i began to realise the full extent of what I had gotten myself into. The hall was filled with ~30 people that I didn't know. I didn't have a mic. All I had were my two trusty friends: Chris on his guitar, and Jane on her keyboard. I had my guitar too. It's terribly hard to lead worship with no mic, and un-amped guitars. Yet it's terribly easy to just let the Lord take full control - I could feel the presence of God so strongly in that worship session. Sure, the music wasn't great and I sounded like a dolphin on crack, but I'm sure God was pleased. That's all that matters.

I think the highlight of my week was our game against the Mighty Mauritians. Right after the worship session, which ended at 1pm, I rushed off to the hockey pitch for my futsal match at 1.20pm. Tommy, Jase, Jono, Daz, Nigel, TWang were already set to take on the aggressive Mauritians. These guys totally thrashed us 4-0 in the past, and we simply stood NO CHANCE against them. They made us look like school boys chasing after butterflies.

Well, we started the game off with the intention of sitting back and trying not to lose by too big a margin so as to save our shame. Unexpectedly, I had a fortunate break and managed to slot the ball home in the first 5 minutes. Daz, Jono and Tom Wang really stuck their bodies into every challenge, they chased every ball like dogs on heat! Consequently, Jono and T Wang suffered substantial injuries. Soon enough, Tom Wang converted a second and we were 2-0 up! lol! We continued to dominate most of the match to seal a 2-1 victory over the Mauritians. Booyah! :) But this will go down as one of my biggest victories.

I led the Studentlife bible study on Weds. Joce and Aud came along to give me some support. I reckon i did a rather poor job. I don't know what got into me that day. I had PBL that morning, but i just didn't feel like talking AT ALL -.-"" I think it was fatigue.

Paul, my funny cousin, just arrived from Singapore on Weds for a 3 week holiday. People think I'm lame and extremely eccentric, but I think Paul surpasses me by leaps and bounds in this area. He's always full of funny jokes and corny stories! haha! We got a chance to have a kick at Fungus soccer last night. I've never played soccer with Paul until the start of this year. He's actually pretty good. Dan Lim, Paul and I combined to pull of some awesome stuff last night - can't wait for the next Futsal session!

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