Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally 18..

After dunking Dan into the sea.

Twins! Dan?

Look at the sunset! Stop staring at my fats! :P

Beach volleyball!

Joce and Nic trying hard.

MHS Sauage Fest!


"My daddy + my Mummy + Sha Sha + Me" :D

After we threw Tommy into the sea.

Beer galore. Tom Wang had a Barcardi instead.

Watching the sunset.

Me and the 2 stooges.

It took me 4 hours to make that present for Sha -.-" Barcardi breezers for her to chill out during her VCE prep! haha!

18 orchids from 18 girls.

18 love letters from 18 girls.

My favourite sister.

To many more years of friendship + sausage fests!


Your Love is like the morning sunshine, Your Love breaks the darkest rain cloud. Your Love puts a smile onto my face, Your Love takes me to a happy place. - isaac 20.10.08

I just had a rather hilarious convo with my mum.

- Mum: *looks into the fridge* The salad's missing! Me: It could've run away. Mum: Oh, it's burried under the carrots. Me: I'm sorry, i thought they were dead. -

The salad was rotten.

Jerusha and I had our 18th b'day party at Mordialliac beach on Sat. The entire day was very much as enjoyable as i expected it to be! Fun times like these always pass, but the legacy they leave behind remain in the substance of a memory.
So, these are some of my memories:
  1. The day was fantastic! 28 degrees. Sunny. And we rocked up 30mins late to our own party! -.x"
  2. Trying to comfort Audrey with a seedy hotdog because a pack of dogs stole the $120 watch she + fungus bought me for my b'day. What can I say? Shucks! :D I told her that a poem would mean so much more to me than a $120 watch.
  3. Getting decked by the 10-20 Fungahooligans who cracked eggs and poured a stew of fish oil and flour all over my back and into my undies -.-""""""" I should've baked my arse in the sun and got them to lick the egg off :) Yum. It's a pity that all had to leave early.. I would have had my sweet revenge if they had stayed on for longer :)
  4. Receiving 18 love letters and 18 stunning orchids from 18 beautiful girls.

  5. Picking up live jelly fish from the sea and chucking them at Fungahooligans.
  6. Almost dunked Audrey into the sea.. but her pleas for mercy and Sarah's puppy eyes.. aww.. I regret not dunking her :)
  7. Having a GREAT time with my old MHS friends: Tommy, Marcus, T. Wang, Phan, Jono, Victor, Jin, Antho, Banh, and Dan Lim. It was great seeing all of them together again after such a long time. We played volleyball, swam with the jellyfish, drank heaps, watched the sun set, dunked Tommy in the sea, dunked Dan Lim in the sea, and buried T.Wang. haha! Good times.. Jin brought sooo much beer along and almost got my drunk x.-""

  8. The spectacular sunset. That was well worth staying for. Got to chat with Joce and Nic a lil at least. Glad that they could relax and appreciate a good Aussie sunset for once.

I just wanna thank everyone who bothered to rock up at such a remote place in the midst of all your important exams. It really means so much to me.. you've got no idea how much I enjoyed my b'day cuz all of you were there.

Special thanks goes to my parents for all the love they showed towards Sha and I through their actions. For 2 consecutive weeks they've slogged in the kitchen and sacrificed their weekends to cook and prepare delicious food for both parties. Thanks dad and mum. Dw, i'll get you guys your beach house + boat + car soon enough :)

All I asked for was a poem. But I got everything but a poem, which brings me to the other person I should really thank: my twin sister. Thanks Sha for writing me such a touching card + a POEM!! You might be oblivious to the fact that you're the only sister that I would ever ask for, but your words (mostly encouraging and sometimes harsh) have helped me become a better man. Thanks so much for always looking out for me :)

Thanks also to my best friend, Joce, who wrote me a 1300+ word prayer!! haha! And that email you sent me abt "The Ungrateful Friend" almost made me laugh my head off! Thanks for ALL your encouragements over the last, what, 8 years? Thanks for all the laughs, and for all the tough times :)

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