Monday, October 06, 2008


It was Aud's birthday not too long ago. Sadly, I couldn't make it to her b'day party, but I wrote her a poem. It's about the little things in life that we fail to appreciate because of the spirit of haste that overtakes us every moment of the day. Our birthdays would be pointless if we don't sit down and take some time to appreciate the little things in life; and ponder about what really has made us one year more mature.

The Silent Thief

The Summer Sun rises and hangs in stead,
The Winter moon lightens the ground of the dead.
Who shall ponder o'er history's past?
No; not one shall will to ask.

The fresh sensation against my face,
The rustling of the leaves on a nearby tree.
Clouds that sail over the sky of sea.
Wind blows North then East,
Of whose command shall it ever heed?

Blades of grass awake to dew each morn,
They give its due attention for none else will
A hurried shoe ends its life-filled life.
Rain falls outside leaving drops on the sill,
Yet none shall notice,
A silent thief empties attention's till.

Dark smoke rises this time each year,
The secret it carries disperses from sight.
Remembered are the cheers of the year behind,
Though forgotten, the jeers colour the future bright.
How much wisdom has the Victor gained?
How much youth shall he retain?

The Summer Sun rises and hangs in stead,
The Winter moon lightens the ground of the dead.
Who shall ponder o'er history's past?
No; not one shall will to ask.
- isaac

Speaking of birthdays, my 18th's coming up. My long awaited 18. It's really quite scary thinking back to the time i turned 13 and looking forward to the heightened responsibilites that being 18 really holds. Interesting..

I used to think flying on aeroplanes was cool because there are movies to watch and you get waited on hand and foot. But I would very much rather a good night's rest now..

I used to like sweet soft drinks. Now, i'd very much rather a hot Vienna and a chat with my close friends.

I used to knock off at 9pm sharp. Now, i only wish i could get the dishes done by 9pm.

I used to love God. Now, I know Jesus and I love Him more.

I used to watch my parents drive. Now, I watch them quiver and scream at me as i control the wheel.

Growing older doesn't necessary make you wiser.. I pray that God would grant me more Godly widom, a heart of love, and a spirit of humility for my 18th b'day.

I was pretty discouraged at the Fungus Leaders Meeting last week. I won't point any names out cuz that's immature, but i felt that I was looked down upon because of my age. Yes, I'm still 17 and very much the same age of a lot of the highschoolers at Fungus. What gives me the right to lead them or even to suggest to the older leaders how to lead?? What arrogance! I was dejected, but God reminded me of 2 Tim 4:12.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

Words that restored joy and peace in my heart.

I guess some of you are reading my blog to find out what I want for my birthday. I thought about it, and nothing material particularly interested me because of their superficiality. So here's my wishlist:
  • A poem (No one's ever written me one)
  • That you would make an effort to know Christ; read his word every day for a week and pray for me and your other friends.

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