Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Faithful God

My Faithful God

When I was weary and broken
You caught my tears in the palms of your hands
You carried me through the fiercest storm
You are the God who heals my disease

Now I stand surrounded
By the power of your love
I'll raise my hands
To worship my King

Your love is like an ever-raging sea
I can't resist it
It washes over me
You hide my fears and failures
Behind the rugged cross
My soul it sings
What a Faithful God!

I will run and not be weary
I will walk and not be faint
For my God is faithful
He will carry me through


Today was rather unique. I decided not to go for soccer training. I picked up a minor ankle injury a about a month ago. I thought it would get better after a few days, but it didn't. I continued to play soccer/futsal. Consequently, i gradually aggravated it
to the extent that it's sending out excruciating pain signals whenever i stretch it. Ahh... i don't want to be limited by an injury; or worse, to be restricted from ever kicking a ball again because of it!!

So, i decided to take a break from soccer today. I had plenty of study to catch up with anyway. HOWEVER, i ended up spending an hour or so "revamping" my room. I rearranged my desk and lamps, organised all the junk on it, rearranged the pictures on my wall, and vacuumed my room :D

That took me a solid hour. Then, i hopped on my guitar and started to worship God. I intended to spend about 30mins with God before starting on my study, but i ended up composing a song for 2-3hrs!! (yes, it's the song that you see above) haha!

Dinner time.

ps. Jesus loves you VERY much.

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Minkster: Life Is A Quest said...


That was a very beautiful song. Did you ever put notes/ chords in it? I'd love to hear it very much. :)