Monday, July 21, 2008

Friends.. Em.. Joce.. Jan.. Ann.. Dani.. Adri

Don't you just hate the times when you just can't seem to spell words that you use frequently in verbal communication? Each of us deal with this differently. Some of us look up a dictionary, others ask someone else, adri does this:

isaac: so you've got your dad's friend to cheauffeur us?

adrienne:erm well my dad's friends chaffeour to chaeoufoiaug us


Today was my first day back in Uni. Semester 2 seems like a very daunting hill to climb - Anatomy, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Behavioural Science and more Physiology. I know it's gonna be tough; but it's these tough hills we climb that enable us to get higher. And wiping off the horrid sweat off our foreheads at the top, we can look back and fill our hearts with content.

I think these hols have been one of my most fulfilling ones. I've gone through them without any regrets whatsoever. I've done almost everything i wanted to do.. caught up with the friends that i haven't seen in a while.. got closer to God.

Thanks, Lord! :)

Quite a lot happened over the course of last week.. let me try to recall.

Joce stayed over at our place for the whole of last week. I took her down to the city for the first time on Thurs. We went to MC at night to watch The Dark Knight with Kai, Jan, Ann, Chris, and 2 of Kai's high school friends. I must say that i was rather impressed with The Dark Knight; FINALLY a movie worth every penny!

Ann and i showed Joce around the city before the movie. Actually, it was more like i was showing ann and joce around the city! We took joce to the tourist info centre, NGV, walked around Fed Square, TRIED camwhoring for a bit along the Yarra, ACMI (ann claimed that there was a mickey mouse statue and a cool taxi arcade game.. never saw anything remotely blue, red or yellow) Then we went to Nelayan for dinner! I LOOOVE the beef curry there. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!

After the movie, the wannabe-cool twins, joce and i went down to Southbank for a bit. I wanted to show joce the spectacular view from the St.Kilda road bridge. haha! I was particular fascinated with the lighting of the farris wheel. Oh, we bought some chips from Lord of The Fries: Fries - MEDIOCRE. Belgium sauce - VERY MEDIOCRE.

I managed to play Futsal twice last week! Booyah! So yeah, i managed to catch up with my MHS and Physio friends then. Oh, the highlight of the futsal sessions was the time when we decided to play for DRINKS! haha! Everyone started to get soooo into it! These were the teams:




Tom Wang

haha! It was an INTENSE match that went on for a whole hour. Everyone was screaming whenever they received the ball near the end of the match; which ended 7-5 in our favour. Booyah! :)


I went to Em's formal at The Sebel at Albert Park on Saturday. That turned out to be a lot more fun than i expected! I didn't know too many people there, but Em's friends were amiable and very easy to talk to. The food was pretty good. The options were Chicken or Lamb. Em (President of the "Say No To Food Wastage" Union) wanted the Lamb so badly that she was ready to fight for it with her steak knife!

haha! I'm not one for dancing, and i'm not much of a dancer... but i had quite some fun going crazy that night. haha! The music wasn't the best.. it was more rockish than R&B; but it was fun just mucking around with Em and her friends.

We headed down to Max Brenners after the formal. Em's heels were killing her feet so I had to walk really slowly with her. ahh.. i could feel her pain x.-" She got pretty cut when we found that Max Brenners was CLOSED when we got there. (The website said that they close at 12am. It was 11.30pm when we got there). So, we walked (slowly again, because of her heels) back to MC to catch the train. haha! Weirdly, the highlight of my night was walking with her after the formal. She's nice to talk to. The night was freezing cold, but it was warm walking with her. I thought it would be awkward since i hadn't spoken to her in a long while, but it felt as though we were picking off where we left off.

Thanks for the night, em :)

I wanna finish off with birthday wishes for 2 very special people:

I'm sorry that i couldn't make it for your birthday party on Sat. I hope you didn't get yourself too pissed! Just wanna thank you for being like a bro to me, for all the fun soccer games, for all the practical jokes, and all the laughs. I'll never forget the times i would go to your place after school and then head up to Greensy for indoor soccer! happy 19th my dear friend! :)

If you didn't give in to your vivacious desire for the Pope, we would've shouted you dinner/lunch on your b'day! :P Happy 19th, bro! I really enjoy your unique sense of humour. You're such a easy person to talk to. Thanks for listening to my rants, and for always being there :)

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