Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 19th Nick! =)

Soccer buds.. Happy 19th Lobes! :)

Uncle Jin (middle man) flew over for a day on business. I realised that i've never had a real conversation with him. I guess I was too young and immature back when i was in Singapore.

That pretty girl in the beautiful blue dress on the left is Em. She's the future CEO of Maccas. (Coke and Ice anyone?)

That's us at Melissa's house (it's more like a Mansion) before the formal.

Nicky in his B'day present! Sup, homie?

ft. tb alv + extreme r@ger Darth Aud!

Nick and Serene. Franny, get outta the picture! :P

We "broke" Franny's jelly heart. Aww.. (that is funny)

Alvin: That's a shattered heart.


The average lifespan: 75 years

No. of days in a year: 365
26,700 days.

2, 306, 880, 000 seconds to live.


Nick's surprise party was the first successful one that i've witnessed. There's an interesting sotry behind the surprise.

Serene had been planning this for quite some time, but Nick coincidentally found out a few days ago. It took quite a bit of wit on Serene's part (all credit to her). See, Nick knew that we were going to throw a surprise party for him, but he didn't know WHEN. Subsequently, Serene planned a premature "fake" surprise party while we were playing soccer last night to disguise the real surprise party this arvo.

We were having a fun time playing futsal until the lights went out at 10pm. Amidst the pitch darkness, Serene and a couple of girls brought in HAMBURGER CAKES with sparkling candles on them. Fortunately, the disguise worked, and Nick was genuinely surprised today.

I had a fun time at Nick's place despite feeling rather sick (i'm suffering from over exersion coupled with a lack of rest). Shared many laughs with Nick, Aud, Stan, Sha, Iain, Daniel, Serene, and JP.

Highlight of the day: Nick's lightsabre battle with Aud.

Adri and Aaron stayed over last night after soccer. Jerusha went to bed early cuz she had to wake up for tuition today, so Adri came over to my room and we chatted till 2 in the morn - "sempiternal love", "vituperations", silly songs that i compose, and grand dads is all that i can remember; the rest was just a blur.. I was wayy too tired.

At 2am, YES, 2AM, she was still hungry and was craving for her favourite Mee Goreng.

Adri: ^^ Meee... Gorreeenggg??? Pllleeeeaasseee (^^,)

So Mee Goreng it was. I cooked a good batch this time (Ann, i'm ready for rematch!) We watched August Rush as we ate. I dozed off soon after.. keeping my eyes open was harder than not closing them. (that wasn't meant to make sense)

I woke up at 8ish. I felt sooo tired and i just wanted to lazy around for a bit. Guess WHO comes rushing in.. Adri jumps on my bed and starts kicking me off -.-"" I ate her egg sandwich.

Ahhh.. uni's already taking its toll! I'm gonna spend my Sunday studying about muscle creep, low back injuries, stress-strain curves, fatigue failure...

"If i were a muscle, i would be on the verge of undergoing fatigue failure"

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