Monday, July 14, 2008

The Duck Flies Down Under..

"Some times things aren't the way they seem to be It's times like these that make life interesting."

Joce's FINALLY arriving in Melbourne tonight! Her plane touches down at 1.30am today. It's 12.22am now, and i've got about 20mins before i leave so i decided to blog about the past few days.

I managed to catch up with quite a few old friends on the weekend. Anthony called me up while i was at Fungus on Friday night and asked if i wanted to catch up with him and Marcus. I hadn't seen Marcus and Anthony in quite a while cuz they go to Monash. We were gonna go fishing, but that plan didn't come about :(

Antho was kind enough to be the driver that night. The 3 of us were pretty shocked cuz all the pubs were closed at 12.20am that night! Malibu, Shine, etc. were all deserted. So we ended up at Airstream, which was also about to close. I got a long island ice tea (4 shots; as recommended by Antho), Marcus got a beer and Antho got himself a lemon lime bitters. We couldn't stay for long.. so we headed down to Maccas for 20 McNuggets and 2 serves of large fries! haha! It was good catching up with them after such a long time.

We encountered a few bogans at Maccas -.-"" One of them played a fool with Marcus. He slid a food tray over and demanded that Marcus slide it back.. so there it was.. a bogan game: food tray sliding! haha! Marcus was afraid that he would become agro so he just obliged to playing the utterly boring game. Ahh.. i detest these bogans.

We crashed at my place at about 2.30am and chatted over popcorn, beer and some wine. haha! It was then that Antho warned me about drinking "spirits, wine and beer" together. I had had all 3 - I don't think i was drunk though. haha! Anyway, thanks a lot guys.. i really enjoyed myself! :)

I was pretty wrecked on Sat.. so i slept till 1.30pm. The most surprising of phone calls woke me up. It was Em. She asked me to her formal this Sat. o.O" Kindda last minute, but besides that, i haven't seen her in ages! Nevertheless, she's a nice girl.

I got another chance to catch up with some other Monash friends that night at Banh's Pho Party!!! haha! It's the 2nd time Banh's cooked Pho for us but i couldn't make it for the first party so i didn't know what to expect. Chenna, Mohawk man, Banh, Antho, Talon and i were the MHS old boys there. I got to meet some of Banh's Monash buds. I can't remember them all, but i do remember Tim, Felita and Judy.

The Mohawk man's got his thumb up and his mohawk down

Antho, A. Huang, me, Banhy, Talon, A. Chen

Yea, i must say that Banh's pho's simply sensational! Traditional viet style! Oh, he made these yummy fried dumplings for us that were delicious! It was heart-warming to finally have a good chat with the Mohawk man after sooo many months of not seeing him. Learnt that he was doing well at uni, can't hold his liquor AT ALL (he got drunk on a SIP of white wine), and is a gambling addict! haha! He brought a full poker set to the party that night.. and yes, that was my first time playing poker. Exhilarating is how i'd describe it.

Well, i'm off to pick the duck up! :)
We weren't gambling by any means! :)

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