Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sweet Yet Sad

I just got back from the Melbourne Airport; hardly got any rest on the plane, but here i am blogging =) Jerusha was playing the songs on the CD that Lydia gave her, and they somehow caught hold of my soft heart. I didn't really understand the lyrics, but my mind was filled with all the memories of my last 2 months back in Singapore. Sigh.. I feel like i'm in a forreign land again, and all that i've ever had... is back in Singapore.

Almost the entire youth group came to see me off at the airport, Dawn, Grace, Nat, Sam, Jeremy, Ben, Bell, Yvonne and many others came along too. I was really touched by that; but it didn't move me to tears. Most of the girls had tears in their eyes as i gave some of them hugs.. and i felt wierd because i wasn't crying. Many say that it's a gal thing, and that guys are too insensitive.

But... i felt what they probably felt while i was in the car; as the music played and as the air was still and quiet. I actually missed some people. Not just some ordinary "miss", but i really did feel nostalgic and kindda terrible - at a loss i guess.

I thought about many things - hanging out with Nat, Sam, Isaac, Jeremy and all. They're way older than me, but they treated me really well. And the many times that we played Soccer. oh yea... and i miss my cousins Ben and Bell terribly too. Whoa... they've grown up so much! Ben's gonna be a great soccer player. Both Dah and Bell are like newly-emerged butterflies! haha! I only pray that God will give them the wisdom to handle relationships.

Joce, my best pal. I had many talks with her about countless issues on life, and i never seem to get bored listening to her blabble on! =P I thank God for her.. may sound like a cliche, but she's like a star that God put into my life just to remind me that someone always cares.

Uncle Hong Aik, the guy that confidently challenged me to a 5km race and lost by 3 minutes! =P haha! He still owes me a banana-split! He's my favourite uncle, cuz i can chat to him as though he were a friend my age; just a little more mature.

I got to know Sarah, Mei Qing and Liru a lot more during this trip. Actually, i've only know Mei Qing and Liru for 2 months... but they've become semi-good friends to me. haha! They even made me this board thingo that reads: "God Loves Isaac!" haha! Thanks!

Derrick, Roy and Bryan introduced me to DOTA and i think i'm addicted to it right now!!! =.="" haha! I'm really inspired by Bryan's honesty and willingness to help a friend. He was there whenever i needed him to come for cell group meetings, soccer tournaments, shopping and when i needed a ball pump. haha! You've also inspired me to train hard at playing the electric guitar. Thanks mate!

Yvonne, the unmarried one. I had a few talks with her about stuff, and yea... got to know her a little more. She'll always be someone that i look up to and respect - von ma! Hopefully she'll be engaged or married when i go back in two years time. haha! I'll be waiting for a huge-as red packet from her.... don't worry von-jie, i'll keep praying!

And i must make a public apology to Dawn. She's such a loving and sweet friend, but i guess i've misunderstood for countless times and treated her rather badly. I'm really sorry.. but i hope you understand. I'm such dumb arse sometimes.

Oh.. i can't forget my couzie Tab, and ofcourse, Jerusha and Lyd. Whoa... these three are always together, and they NEVER get tired of each other! haha! Anyway, Tab's matured a lot more from the last time i've seen her, and she looks much prettier now. I remember helping her persuade her dad to buy her a white frilly mini-skirt from SODA. lol! Lyd's still as jumpy as ever, i sincerely hope that she'll learn to calm down soon...but then again...that's why people like her. Another irony.

I miss my good friend Justin too. We went out for lan, lunch and soccer quite a couple of times, and i really enjoyed myself - down at Tekka Mall, Serangoon, Braddell Heights CC. haha! Just wanna thank him for always being there too... Daryl and Troy, i'll always remember you guys as well.

Memories bring touchingly sweet emotions, yet saddness and grief wells up in one's heart.

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