Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Running The Race

Uncle Hong Aik gave me a buzz just before 7am this morning to wake me up for the 5km race that we had agreed on a while ago. I was feeling drowsy and all, but i had given him my word... so we drove to Temasek Polytechnic in Tampines for the race -.-" The agreement was that the loser would have to treat the winner to a Banana Split at Swensons! Because Hong Aik was a seasoned long-distance runner, with countless completed marathons in his boasting bag, we decided to have 2 races - a 5km and a 400m one. The winner of the 5km race would get 1 point for each minute won, and the winner of the 400m race would get 1 point for each second won. Yea...

Anyway, we got chased out of the Polytechnic because of some tight-arse guard following some tight-arse rules and regulations. So we decided to run the 4.4km track around Bedok Reservoir (which is beside the Polytechnic). Well, i seriously ran my guts out and sprinted the last 500m to clock in at 20 mins. haha! Hong Aik finished the ran after 23 minutes!!! BOO yAH!!! A free banana split for me!!! =)

Well, the fun part was yet to come. We actually climbed over the back fence of the Polytechnic as an attempted short cut route to the Reservoir. However, Hong Aik spotted some security camaras; and that prevented us from jumping over the fence back in. haha! So we had to walk another 2 km to hail a cab, drive to his friend's house, sneak in through an unmanned side gate before driving out swiftly. haha! It was hilarious.

I just came back from an extremely enjoyable dinner; probably the most memorable dinners i've had in this entire year (it's 2006 already!!!) =P Samuel, Shawn, Jeremy Goh, Jeremy Lim, Jia Xuan and i got together again for a steamboat-barbeque buffet near Marina Bay. We only started dinner at 9pm after one and a half hours of Dota!!! haha! Jia Xuan's a pro! Anyway, there were tons of sea food as well as vegetables, chicken, beef and all that. I grabbed a full plate of crab and barbequed it in a whole chunk of butter! lol! It was hilarious! Shawn Chang was cracking all these funny jokes, Jia Xuan was busy examining the food, Goh was pimping, Lim was getting burnt by the splattering oil and Sam was staying away from the crabs.

haha! It was really nice to get to meet all these good old friends again. Shawn's comtemplating about going to Australia for his tertiary studies and Sam said that we should make this get together dinner an annual event. Yea, that'll be GREAT! Whoa... how i cherish the past! Shawn, Jia Xuan and i had a nice chat on the train back, and yea.. i'll be seeing Shawn, Jeremy Lim and Shuan again this Saturday. CAn't wait for it!

Jerusha and i did Surveying till 10pm last night. We didn't get much done...i think we surveyed 12 people in all - that's about $30 shared between the both of us. Hmm... Jerusha doesn't really like this job, and i don't think it pays well. But i'm determined to stick to it for another week.

If someone were to ask if True Friends were for real... Well, my answer would be a "Yes! For Shizzels mate!"

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