Thursday, January 19, 2006

Battle of the Wise

Sometimes things just aren't the way they seem to be.
Sometimes things just aren't the way they used to be.

I never liked her. I only did it for her sake, not wanting to hurt her. But i guess i did anyway. I can't run away from reality even with time as my guide. Foolish. You can call me that. Dumb. Yea, that's what i am.

I thank God for giving me the wisdom to overcome that trial. I told her. Flat out honesty. No more lies, no more playing around the burning bush. No, i didn't like it; not at all. But i hope this will add a new spark over the ever-brightening horizon.

People change all the time...that's normal, not natural.

I've been pretty obssessed with Frozen Throne. It really takes quite a while to finally install it. I had to get the WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos base, The Frozen Throne Add-on from Bryan, a patch and then the map. -.-"""" haha! It took me a week to finally get it installed. Hurray!

I'm not too sure about that though. I just finished a few campaigns. They were about this honest and magnanimous knight that turned evil and killed his father(the King) to usurp the throne. Anyway, it reminded me of me. Yea, me. Don't know if this game's becoming my idol, beginning to steal some of my committment and time from God. So i decided to keep my playing time to 2 hours today....not too successful, but i hope blogging will kill some time. haha! God help me!!

The Newsboys are having a concert in Singapore tomorrow and i promised Tab that i would go. I was planning a Soccer event at 5pm, dinner at 7.30pm and then lan till 10pm initially. I even invited some friends along, but i think i'll have to sacrifice the dinner and the lan for the promise.

It's my New Years' Resolution: To be fully committed to all my promises and to carry them out =)

Sigh... i'm gonna be coming back to Singapore in less than two years for my NS (National Service). Honestly, i don't know what's gonna become of me. I'll have to make a choice to stay in Singapore or to go back to Australia for my tertiary education. But it's more complicated than that... sigh.. i'm just afraid. I won't be able to have extremely good friends that i can depend on. Maybe "good" friends, but not "best" friends. And like... i can't be committed to any girl. haha! it sounds kindda stupid, but i'm just looking into the future. It IS gonna happen.

Sigh... i know God know exactly what he has in store for me, and i take comfort in that. I don't have a clue what it looks like, but he's never failed me when my eyes were fixed on him. So i thank God for being Faithful.

I haven't been in contact with Banh, Jase, Jin, Turk, Tommy, Duc, Blee, James, Peter, Marcus, Harish and lil Joe in ages! haha! I'm just wondering how they're doing. I've seen Blee online at 3-4am at night though! lol! *coughs* James always seems to be online at the same time too! =P

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