Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Beginning

Think about the last time you've had fun.
Well, it was've got memories. But that's all that's left.
It's been a while since i've last blogged and i really miss it. How are you peeps doing? haha, 2 weeks since i returned from a splendid trip to my homeland Singapore. And i must say, i thoroughly enjoyed it, i really miss it even now, and i'm really looking forward to going back again. haha! Sounds like a platitude, but it's true.

The 5 weeks i spent in Singapore is like a souvenior that i've brought back to Australia, an enormous container filled with fun and lovely memories. I remember on the plane to Singapore, i told my sis that i was gonna kiss the ground once we get there. haha, fear not, cuz i did not. haha! I must say these 5 weeks were the best 5 weeks of the 13 years i've been in SG.

Of my time there, i must say, i've got to know my friends more and i've even made some new friends! haha, the person whom i was dying to meet was than the person that could capture and keep the heart of the cunning hamster, none other than Roy. He's a GREAT and hUmOuRoUs friend to have, haha, makes me laugh lots.

And i won't forget the last day of the church camp, Kay, Lyd, Adele and i were the remnant of the lot that tried to keep their eyes open till the dawn of a new day. haha, we went to the beach at about 5am in the morning. The wind was blistering and the sky was pitch black. We couldn't even see each other. haha, so we sat under a pavillion and had a little chat. I really caught up lots with Key especially. I got to know her a lot better. Adele and Lyd didn't talk much, for some reason. But it was fun. However, the sun was being obstructed by an overcast sky. haha, so much for that, a memorable memory. haha!

When i went back to Singapore, i never knew that i would make another great friend. Met this friend at a gathering organised by my father and his good old friends, school mates in the early 70s? haha... her name's Dawn, she's kind, considerate and smart. A really good friend to have. Don't know why she keeps daoing me though. haha! I won't forget the time that we spent together.

Not at the very least of importance, actually, the most of importance, (haha) good old Jocelyn. Didn't spend a lot of time with ya but i really enjoyed having supper while talking to you about life. Don't know what's gotten into you, nothing bad, but...things are starting to get complicated. Whatever the case, thanks for being there for me, for being a listening ear and a concerning heart. The next time we talk, you'll do the talking and i'll do the listening. haha! and thanks for seeing sha and i off!

Jeremy Lim, Goh and Sam. Three of my dearest friends. haha, we've really been through a lot together. I apologise for not meeting up more with you guys, and i wanna say sorry for the trouble caused at East Coast. Haha, despite that, i really enjoyed your company. I really treasure our friendship. Hope to see you guys this Dec again, and we can have a NO-GALS party. haha! It's a pity that i couldn't meet Jia Xuan, Shuan and Shawn though. haiz...

And mmy good neighbours and friends. Try, Daryl and Justin. Haha, it's been really fun catching up with you guys. We really had lots of fun in that soccer tournament played in the rain. haha, i really enjoyed playing along side you guys although we didn't win. And i'm really happy to see Daryl and Troy mature. haha! Justin's so tall now. But u just wait and see, i'll catch up with ya. lolz...Hope to play soccer with you dudes again!

I must not forget Nat. Thanks for introducing me to your mates and inviting me for that game of soccer. I really enjoyed myself. Haha, and you dislocated your wrist on that day too, that'll serve as a bookmark. haha! just joking, i can still remember the worried look on Victoria's face. lolz...gotten to know you much more.

Tab, Sha, Lyd and Dah. Always talking in the room into the wee hours of the night. Unbelieveable, how you gals can talk continuously for such a long period of time. Wonder what you gals are talking about. haha, Tab, it's nice to know how much you've changed and matured What delights me even more is how much more you want to change. Keep it up couz!

I've been expecting hell on my return to Australia, but i think what i got was more than hell. haha, i'm glad that it's all over now and i'm just doing some recounting. There was tons and tons of renovation work to do at the new house that we bought. My parents decided to do self-renovation, which was a means to save money i guess. haha, we have to paint window sills, doors walls, ceilings etc. It was really tough work. Jerusha and i started work the day after we arrived in Australia(how lucky can we get?), haha, worked from 2pm till 7. 5 straight hours of painting. But that was not just to be, we continued painting every day averaging about 7-8 hours a day. I could still remember, on one day, we worked from 2pm-11pm. haha!

Well, everythings coming into place now. The house looks like a second heaven. Your mood gets lifted high up into the sky the moment you step into it. The bright coloured carpets and walls just gives your spirit a boost and refreshes you mind. haha, i really love my house now, especially after all the hard work i've put into it. Days of sheer toil and torture. haha! Thank God!

I spent most of today packing the stuff in my room. Getting ready to move all the stuff over to the new house. Hope the moving process will go smoothly this Saturday. School's starting tomorrow, and i reckon it beats doing chores at home. However, i have mixed feelings now. I wanna make a new start to the new year, be attentive in class and make many new friends(good friends). On the other hand, i feel kindda unsure about being able to make many new friends. I'll be going to a new class with only 2 people that i know. haha, it'll be a challenge. But it'll be one that i'll take on with the Lord by my side. Cheers!

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