Saturday, January 29, 2005

New Room

Feels like i'm typing from one of the cyber-cafes in heaven. I'm so happy, contented and satistified with the new room i've got. Finally, a room to myself, without Jerusha. haha, not that she's bad or anything. It just feels good to have your own room. And everything in it belongs to me. haha, it really looks cool. You peeps HAVE gotta come to my house if you ever visit Melbourne. lolz.. I couldn't blog yesterday because i was busy packing, also, the computer had to be packed up as well. So, i couldn't get onto the internet. But thank God that my Dad got the internet up in my new house. haha, that's almost like a miracle. I was expecting to strive for a week or so without the internet.

Today was an extremely tough day. Everyone in the house woke up early, at 6+, to get ready for the moving. The movers were expected to arrive at 8am, however, they were 15minutes late. After some final packing, the stuff was carried off into this enormous container connected to a huge truck. haha, it was really huge. The movers were charging 70 bucks and hour, and to me, that's a reasonable price. However, there were only two movers that came, and they were kindda like...slacking away. haha, probably trying ta delay the time. And that's not all, one of the movers had a really bad temper. Halfway through the moving process, he got so pissed off because people were obstructing his movement, that he blew his top off at us. haha, what a loser. He threatened to just walk off without completing the job. lolz..fine, we wouldn't have paid him then. Nevertheless, he continued, and the whole moving process took 4 hours. haha, what a long time. I was completely shagged out after that.

The house looked totally different with the furniture in. It looked much nicer, more comforatable and homey. haha, almost everything was in boxes though, and we had to get to work unpacking all the boxes. I was really tired, but the thought of decorating and furbishing my room revitalised me and i was extremely enthusiastic. haha, i spent about 4-5 hours unpacking all the boxes in my room. Setting up the shelf, bed, desk, sound system, etc. haha, i love my sound system. It just rox! lolz...Then, i started putting books on the shelves and clothes into the right places. haha, it all looks very neat now. The best thing of all, is that i get my own laptop! haha! cool yea? Thank God and thanks dad! The next thing i'm gonna do is to frame up some pictures and make a really really fabulous fully-decorated shelf. I'm really excited about my new room.

Just wanna thank God for helping with the moving process and for giving us such a good house to live in. I made some new friends in school yesterday, got to know some old friends better. Got to see Matt, Jack, Tat, Phil and Paul, but we didn't really yalk much though. It was really great. I love my teachers, but i think i've gotta get back into work mode and concentrate on my studies. I don't wanna slip up this year. I'm gonna finish the year well, hoping to be in the top 1% of my school. haha.. the music that i just put up isn't really that good. But it was all i could find after 2 hours of serious searching. haha, Hope you guys enjoy my blog, and tag me! God Bless!

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