Sunday, June 22, 2008


You lifted me up,
Every time i fell down, O Lord
You are the light in my darkest night.
You heard my cry,
When I poured out my heart to You
You set my feet upon a rock
And now I stand here in awe of You.
- isaac

I just got back from a utterly demoralizing and fatiguing soccer game. It had rained the entire morning. As a result, the entire pitch was nothing but sticky mud. YES, STICKY MUD that sucks your boots in and makes it twice as hard to run or change directions. I was completely puffed out by the start of the 2nd half, but i was told to "suck it in" by my very encouraging teammates (not sarcastic). The biased ref was utterly put a depressing spin on the match - 2 clear handballs in the penalty area, and a clear reckless challenge on Jimmy by the keeper should've given us 3 penalties.

I had a very depressing game esp. after going a goal down due to Falcon's (that's the ref) lack of integrity. Nevertheless, every soccer game, no matter how horrible, has its fair share of memorable moments of sheer elation. Mine came from a very special person who deserves a very special mention - Jimmy (that dude next to me the pic below). haha! He managed to get his first goal of the season (it's about time, bro!) It wasn't pretty.. but I sure was dead happy for him.

Here's a pic we took on the day Yvonne and Aunty Eileen left for Singapore. It's a pity that Yvonne took the photo, but don't fret.. she features again in a pic with Chloe right at the end.

He's my favourite 2yr old, Chloe! Isn't she adorable?
She loves me. I love her too.
Aww.. she's tired. That's her mum, Aunty Alicia.
Here's Yvonne again. My beautiful (both intrinsic and extrinsic!) cousin who's going to get married in the next 4 years and have many many adorable babies before she's 30! :)

Rain. It always fascinates me. After the church service today, I really didn't feel like talking to anyone. So I walked out into the rain and began to let my mind go wild. I was getting utterly drenched but i couldn't care less.

Imagine being caught in the rain. There's no shelter in sight. No shelter at all. You're trapped. Confined. Reduced to the state where you'll have to shrivel up into a ball to face the blistering cold.

We take "shelter" for granted. We know that if it rains, we'll eventually find somewhere. An umbrella, a tree, a building, whatever. But what if there shelter was no shelter?

- I, for one, would be forced to look up to God for salvation.

I walked back into the lounge after soaking up enough rain. I still didn't feel like talking. So i took a seat, alone, on a comfy sofa beside the window. It was still raining outside. Then i marveled at how this "shelter" that all of us take for granted has such a significant meaning in our struggles in life.

Imagine being caught in the rain. You're cold; blistered by the chilling wind. Drenched from head to toe. You begin to feel frantic and confused. There's a shelter up ahead so you dash right in search of solace. You're in the shelter alright.. BUT... it's still raining. You're still cold; blistered by the chilling wind; drenched from head to toe; frantic. Confused.

- We are all faced with rain and storms in our lives. We often look for a shelter: sleep, sport, computer games, friends, sex, drugs, alcohol, late sleazy nights. We think that these shelters can shield us from the rain. Yet in many of our lives, the icy sharp raindrops are still pounding upon us.

Rain. It fascinates me. It reminds me that the Maker of heaven and earth has an unfathomable mind that mingles with the mediocre thoughts of men. Yet He loves us. Yet He cares.

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