Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Cousin I've Never Known.. An Aunt I've Always Misunderstood

The last week has been one of my most memorable ones. Besides the exhilaration that exams usually bring, there was something else that made last week special.
Aunty Eileen and jie jie Yvonne came over to Melbourne for a semi-holiday. Yvonne's main reason for coming was to attend her best friend's wedding. They stayed with us for the week, and i got to know them a whole lot more.

Throughout my 13 years in Singapore, I've always thought of Aunty Eileen as a pretty noisy 60 year old granny that cooks good laksa, and likes to nag relentlessly about insignificant things. Well, my view of her changed completely. I actually spoke to her quite a bit when she was here, and she turns out to be one of the most caring, supportive, funny, meek, and cool 60 year old ladies i know! haha! She reckons i'm very "guai" :)
I'm terrible at forming first impressions. I'm always wrong about people! ><"" This is just another lesson to teach me not to judge a book by its cover AT ALL!
jie jie Yvonne. She's always been someone that i've looked up to and respected with all my heart. She led my youth group in Singapore for many years before leaving not too long ago. While she's known me since i was 3 or 4, I've never actually had a proper conversation with her simply because of our age gap. haha! I can only remember teasing her about her age, and about getting married soon.

A woman's age is a secret, and it always will be. But we'll just say that she's just less than twice my age! (sorry yvonne! :P) During her stay here, i felt as though i got to know a completely new cousin that i've never had! It's sooo cool to have someone that has been through her fair share of experiences to talk to.
They actually visited us at a terrible time cuz both sha and i were having exams. But i managed to take a day off to accompany them to Philip Island (managed to clock 4hours of driving!). I really enjoyed myself there, and i'm sure they did too! We had some delicious fish and chips at the beach, took many many photos at Nobbies, and watched the inexplicably adorable penguins!

It was raining intermittently and i thought the gloomy skies would ruin the day. Ironically, the rain was the main factor that made the day special. At Nobbies, we got to see a rainbow form on the horizon from beginning to end! But that's not it! Another rainbow started to form above that one such that there were TWO rainbows! That was truly a magnificent sight to behold!

After that, the light dash of rain ceased. Golden rays of light shone through the patches of gloomy grey clouds and onto the bright blue surface of the sea. Extraordinary. The rays of light were so pure; their source could only be that of angels!

Here's a random clip from the sleepover that we had last Friday night. Jan, Ann and my lil sis came over to annoy me and Sha. They hid my Mac, vandalised my wall with the words: "i know what you did last night!", and stole my Malteasers! haha!

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