Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Take your clothes off! I need to check your posture!"

It's 15 days into April and i haven't even made a single post yet! This blog's really going stagnant. Anyway, so many things happened in the past few weeks that i'm bound to forget to blog about them. I'll start with the most recent:

"Take your clothes off!"

Yes, we actually do strip down to our undies to check each others' postures and give each other massages during our prac classes at Melbourne University. I had no qualms about taking off my T-shirt, and i hesitated just that little bit before taking my jeans off. But it doesn't feel as bad when everyone else is taking their clothes off. However, it still feels extremely weird when someone runs their fingers down your spine and around your waist. We've been doing this for 3 weeks now, and i think we're pretty much desensitised to observing someone in the opposite sex in their undies! It was during a prac class on posture that i was alerted to the fact that i'm FLAT-FOOTED! haha! I've always had a suspicion about my flat-footedness because of the pain i would feel in my soles after a long soccer game or mid-way through a long distance run. Well, that suspicion has just been confirmed. And I was more surprised than i was disappointed. Arpit was also rather shocked when he learned about his flat-footedness. Hmm.. i'm thinking of getting orthopedics.

Naked 80-year old lady on the Operation Table

With all due respect, that's not a very entertaining thought. But that what i had to look at during my PBS prac class last week. We got to go into the medical lab to observe how the 3rd year Science students were cutting up cadavers. The sight of the blood, the raw flesh, the exposed innards (brain, lungs, intestines,etc.) made a few Physio students feel rather sick and queezy. Surprisingly, I didn't feel too intimidated by the cadavers. We got to play around with chopped up body parts that were somewhat preserved - arms, heads, torso, legs, almost every conceiveable human body part. According to Beth, each group of 3rd year science students get a cadaver to work on throughout the entire year. They go about dissecting specific parts of the cadaver in each prac class and they have to store all the dissected body parts into a large bucket located below the operating table. When the entire cadaver is dissected, the remains in the buckets are incinerated and are returned to the family of the deceased. Ooh, the most disgusting part of the prac was when some dude opened a large metal container out of curiosity only to find a mirky solution bathing a legion of severed human heads! lol! He was on the verge of puking after taking a deep whiff of the stale air that rushed out of the metal container.

Quote of the day is by Winsen Citra: "Looking at dead people made me realise that we actually do look like steak."

Yellow, Yellow, You're OFF!

As most of you do not know, i've been attending a refereeing course for the past month. It was a real bore having to study every aspect of the game, but it helped me appreciate the intricacies of the game a whole lot more. I learned how to take a proper throw in, what's a yellow and what's a red, the ACTUAL offside law (I remember spending 2 hours analysing every aspect of the offside law in the first training session!!! -.-"""). Albeit, i'm going to get paid $80 per game! It's good pay, but the training was DIFFICULT.

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