Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just some thoughts

I'm on the train to uni now. I felt the sudden urge to pen down some of my thoughts. So here goes. I've bee pondering over the question: "What brings true satisfaction to life?" I used to take that question lightly. I'd think of all the fun times i had with my friends over lunches, the countless soccer matches, the trips to the beaches and to the mountains, holidays, the joyous times of Futsal and all the meaningful chats. That used to be sufficient. But i wonder if there's more. Is life all about studying hard to get a high-paying job, only to use the money to have a great time with friends?

Short-lived. Fun. Enjoyable. But temporary. Happiness fades as quickly as sadness dawns. Friendships start growing stale at the moment of separation. Then comes the idea of "Love". The irresistible warm and fuzzy feeling shared between a couple is precious. It gives us a reason to wake each day with a smile on our faces in the knowledge that someone loves us. Equally as important is the chance to express our love. There's an innate desire in every human being for intimacy, and to show love to someone else. Our severely distorted society, however, with its undertones of arrogance and elegance, forces us to suppress our affections for fear of rejection or a perceived weakness. Pitiful.

Melbourne Central's moments away. I've got to stop now. It's such an irony - Life exists in the spectrum time, which, in turn forbids the appreciation of its beauty.

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