Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Good Old Days...

It's hard to find time to blog nowadays. I'm at the Brownless library right now.. at 9am in the morning and i'm not in the mood to start work just yet. So i thought i'll just blog a little about what's been going on in the past few weeks.

I've been attending a Level 2 First Aid course for the past two days from 9am - 5pm. It's an extremely dry and boring course, but i've gotta go through it cuz it's a requirement for my Physio course. Despite the unbearable boredom, the skills that Frank taught us were rather essential such as; the proper way of treating burns, bruises, cramps, deep cuts, fractures, heart attacks, strokes, shocks, epilepsy, asthma attacks, bites from poisonous animals, and how to apply special bandages.. and esp. CPR. One interesting fact that i got out of the course was that most of the time, CPR doesn't resuscitate the casualty. The common conception that the casualty will just spring back into life, cough out all the water in his/her lungs, and turn to give you a kiss for saving his/her life only happens in movies! Sorry to disappoint! However, CPR is still effective as it acts as a manual heart that essentially sustains blood flow in the body while professional medical help is on the way - those 5-7 minutes is vital because the brain can't live for more than 3 mins without oxygen.

I organised a session of Futsal last night with my old Melbourne High soccer buddies, at the old place - Tommy, Jin, Phan, lil Joe, Tom, Dan Lim, Jimmy, Shane, Seb, Luke, Jase, Banh, Daz, Brian, Garvin and myself. It was good playing futsal with them again after such a long time. My heart of overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia accompanied the emotions of exhilaration and excitement that we all once shared together as we stroked the ball around skilfully. It was particularly good to see that Dan, Jimmy and Shane were all doing well with school and all. Ahh.. These memories of soccer and futsal with you guys will remain deeply buried in my heart for the rest of my life! :)

The Easter weekend was a particularly enjoyable one. I've been wanting to go for a long trip out to the beach for a VERY LONG time, and last Saturday, we finally made a day-trip down to the Mornington beach. It was our first time trying to fish from a jetty, and we weren't getting much luck in the first hour or so. Subsequently, Val and Char gave up because the fish just weren't biting. Nevertheless, the rest of us battled on.. and in the next hour or 2, the fishes were practically JUMPING INTO OUR BUCKETS! lol! Nic started pulling up truckloads of fish - Bass Whiting to be exact! She was like a Whiting magnet! The whiting would bite just SECONDS after she cast her rod in. NOT EXAGGERATING. It was as though the whiting were so eager to get a glimpse of her that they gladly hooked themselves to her line! Uncle James was having the time of his life too! He made several multiple catches with 3-4 whitings hooked onto his line at a time. In the end, we caught 120 fish! :))

Oh yea, i was busy unhooking all the fishes so i didn't get to fish as much. But i wanted to catch at least ONE whiting, and i wanted it to be exciting. So i told Nic and my mum that i would kiss the first fish i catch! haha! Soon enough, i felt a nibble at my line, i pulled it up and there was my first whiting! The only problem was that i had hooked on it rather badly, and it was bleeding profusely -.-"" Nevertheless, i gave it a bloody peck. haha!

We got tired of fishing after a while, so we made our way down to the beach while our parents continued loading up the buckets with whiting. I really enjoyed myself at the beach, just chatting and taking photos with the girls - Sha, Val, Char, Wei Ling and Nic. The photos are on my facebook. We spent a few hours just watching the sunset and the moon rise by the beach. It was an extraordinary sight..breath-taking.

The Good Old Days... i wish they'll never go away. Yet i'm thankful that they actually do, because i wouldn't appreciate them as much if they didn't.

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