Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Singapore 08

Finally, i'm in quite some mood to blog about my trips to Singapore and Vietnam now. I don't know what's gotten to me over the last couple of days... i've been wasting my time away and the days just seem to past soooo quickly! That demoralises me because i don't get to accomplish the tasks that i wanna get done on that particular day! Anyway... here goes!

5 weeks of holidays went something like this: 1st week in Malaysia (Church camp), next 3 weeks in Singapore, the 4th week in Vietnam, and then the 5th week back in Singapore. The 3 weeks that i spent in Singapore was rather short considering the fact that i usually spend more than a month there.

Despite the short length of my stay, i got to meet up with a lot of my old friends. Some of whom i haven't seen in 3 to 4 years! I spent most of the time with my best friend, Jocelyn. haha! I don't even remember what we did now - a lot of chatting and quarreling along the way to print photos, all those late nights, movies and meals. Time seems to fly past when i'm with her. I was glad to see her again, yet it was rather sad and nostalgic knowing that i won't be seeing her for the next 3-4 years or so after i leave. She even made me cry x.x" when she said that we should stop being best friends. I obliged, but it never happened - she couldn't bear to part with such a good best friend :P Well Joce, i just wanna thank you for every moment spent together.. for all the laughs as well as the quarrels. Thanks for the Lo Mai Kai :)

I also got to meet up with Jeremy Goh, Jia Xuan, Jeremy Lim, Shawn and Samuel, my dear primary school friends. haha! We go WAYYY back to Primary 5 when we used to play both virtual and real wrestling, go fishing at the local canal, have soccer comps and all! haha! Those were fun times. Seeing them again wasn't awkward at all, it was as though we were picking up our friendship from where we left it those many years ago!

I shan't bore you anymore.. i'll just add captions to the photos :)

This is my dear best friend, Jocelyn, lifting the roof with the wondrous music from her guitar! I made her a song book (a black book) with some songs that i composed and other pretty famous Christian songs so that she can worship God with them too!

That's Bryan (mouse) and i. The red spots on my face aren't measles or pimples!!! We played a rather odd game where someone would say something like "I haven't kissed anyone". And if you have, you have to put one spot of SPICY HOT CHILLI sauce anywhere on your face! haha! The chilli nearly burnt my face off!

We were playing one of Pastor John's weird games on Watch Night 31/12/07!!! Cool, i spent the last day of the year with my best friend :)

That's Jocelyn, AGAIN! Don't know where this is... looks like Orchard road.

From left to right: Mr. Tool, Gavin (aka. Curry Chicken), Duck (aka Jocelyn), Lydia (aka. Constipated Turtle). We were on the bridge that connects the two Petronas towers in KL.

Hmm... don't remember where this was taken! x.x"" Probably Clarke Quay.

My dear friend, Howard. We were having dinner with Lyd, Tab and Sha at Jerusha's favourite restaurant; Swensons!

My cousins Belle and Janelle. Isn't she cute?

Howard was talking about long dildos and how to hook up with hookers.

A shot with the MERLION! Don't give me that puzzled look! A Merlion is a REAL animal that can only be found in Singapore. It has the head of a lion and a tail of a fish. It's just a little bit bigger than an elephant. Wikipedia it if you're still unconvinced!

Me and a Dopey Duck.

Oh! That's at Qynn and Sonja's wedding. From left to right: Nick Teh (Future billionaire), Ruth (leader of a world renown break dancing crew called the Beatbouncers - YouTube it if you're unconvinced!) and Audrey (Princess of Bookworms)

We were on the balcony of Vivocity. The view from the balcony was sensational although the shopping centre itself failed to impress too much.

A memorable meal at Swensons.

That's part of the view from the Balcony at Vivocity. Can you see the birds (cranes to be exact) on the left of the photo? You can see thousands of those in Singapore.

Guy in the middle: Swensons mascot.

haha! We were scared outta our wits when we took this shot in the middle of an expressway that leads to the airport! haha! Cars and trucks were speeding past us at 100km/hr! haha! This was part of the night cycling trip.

Oops! back to Qynn's wedding. I'm sorry about the order of the photos! Yea.. all pretty pple. OH!!! Franny's in a skirt!!! :) This photo is priceless now!

Fungus rocks Qynn and Sonja's wedding!

Nick, Kimmy and I. haha! Don't be fooled by that innocent face! :P

Jeremy Lim, Jeremy Goh and myself. We were playing futsal at The Cage in Kallang.

Night cycling..

One of the night cycling stops: SAFRA!

Another night cycling stop. BTW, behind that little brick fence is the sea.

Lying down in the middle of a 100km/hr expressway!

Start of the night cycling trip at East Coast park.

On a bridge at Changi Village

Brother forever! Sam, Shawn, Jeremy Goh, me!

In the midst of a bike repair. The tandem that we hired broke down sooo many times that night!

We cycled all the way to Changi Village from East Coast Park and had Nasi Lemak there. It was one of the best i've had!! Oh yea, we saw some Thai transvestites there and almost got into some trouble with them. haha! One of of them caught me staring at him/her? and shouted back at me: "Boy, you gay?" LOL!

We were all wet after a water ride at Escape Theme Park.


Caroling at East Coast park on Christmas eve.

At Escape. The queues for the rides were LOOOOOONOOONONONONOGGG as!


Poser Duck

One of those teamwork games at church camp. We had to push backwards against each other so that we can all help each other up.

Woop! Woop! Woop!


At the new terminal 3 of Changi Airport. We're one of the first pple there! booyah! :)

Saltshakers stuck in a gas chamber at Petronas towers.


Saltshakers with Pastor Jerry and.. uh.. forgot his wife's name x.x"

Lyd and i... farewell shot before i left for Vietnam.

Cool. i hope you enjoyed the photos! I'll blog about Vietnam soon.

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LOLOLOLOLOL, does no one post here? i was passing by google images and just watched all of the pictures lol. Then there were no comments. Now im commenting. WOOT FIRST. nice pictures btw. Have fun in viet.