Sunday, February 10, 2008


I just wanna extend a personal note of appreciation towards Joce and Adrienne for those very encouraging words. I kindda lost track of the motive of writing songs and poems. I was trying to write a song that would be very entertaining and interesting for the common ear, when what i should've been more concerned with was God's soft prompting deep in my heart. Thanks! :)

I wrote 2 more poems in my first week back from Singapore at Tim's house:

Almighty God

You who make the mountains tremble,
And reveal the heart's inmost desire.
What's holding you back,
O great consuming fire?

I flew Northward and saw,
A church overflowing with love,
Yet lacking passion and desire,
Much like a tamed darkened dove.
I brought a spark of fervor,
In a vain and doubtful hope.
But the dry and arid forest of love,
Quickly quenched my hopeful joke.
Yet your ways are higher than mine,
And your thoughts more wise.
Who am i to question?
Your mercy will always suffice.
Though your church is dry,
And arid the grass may be.
You will bring a revival,
Set it ablaze for all to see!

God &
*about my experience with the church in Singapore.

Dale Stephenson spoke about Evangelism in church today. Basically, he pointed to the fact that Christians usually focus a lot about our walk with Christ, worship, fellowship and being more like Christ. However, we tend to play down the fact that being more Christ-like is to have a passion for lost souls just as Jesus did! Well, as i was prayer at the end of the sermon, God put a person into my mind.. David Phan. A dear friend of mine from Melbourne High. I think God wants me to speak to him about Christ, and so i will. And i'll try inviting him to church next week. Steps of faith.. bold steps of faith..

After church we dropped by Camberwell market just to give Uncle Steven and Aunty Alicia some "morale support". Their little stall was doing pretty well actually. They were selling some old clothes and mainly kid's toys. Amazingly, they managed to sell almost all of their merchandise! It was terribly crowded there. I couldn't find ANYTHING that i would even have an ounce of fancy for! Just the old antiques, flowers, jewelery, plants, wooden pots and gardening tools, etc..

We headed down for lunch at Whitehorse Centro with the growth group members. I had a pretty decent chat with Tim there. He was telling me how the pressure in Year 12 was really getting to him. Well, i won't divulge any personal stuff he shared... but i just wanna pass a note of encouragement to all the Year 12's or Year 11's doing 3/4's, you have to really look forward to something that will de-stress and relax you each week.. The road IS TOUGH AND WEARISOME (i'm not hiding the fact there), but slowly and steady through constant perseverance, pressing on towards that something you're looking forward to each week, it'll blow over in no time!

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." - James 1: 2-4

Be Not Far From Me

Like a drying creek,

In the midst of an unceasing drought,
So my soul thirsts for you, O Lord.
Be not far from me.
Though I know you are there,
Rocks of doubt fill these channels.
They block you out so that I can't see you,
Yet I know you are there.
Your mercies are new every morning,
Like the dew on pasture grass.
Its cool sensation renews my faith,
It spurs me to hold on fast.
Come, O Lord, like a rushing wind.
Come, O Lord, with crushing torrents.
Clear these specks that hide your wondrous face.
Quench this desperate thirst and push me on,
That i may gladly run this race.

& zac

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