Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orientation - Day One

I'm starting to get lazy. Blogging can be such a joyful and meaningful experience at times, and at others... it just feels like a chore. Presently, it's somewhere in between sentimental and tedious.
I've been absolutely DRAINED over the past week because of various guests from Singapore. Last Saturday (think it was the 16/2/08), Aunty Chor Keng and Nicole arrived in Melbourne and stayed over at our place for the weekend. It was a pleasure having them over.. I find it rather entertaining to entertain both Nicole and her mum.
I thought that Nicole would be sorta stuck up because she's from RJ, and my suspicions were confirmed when she totally ignored me when she walked into the house -.-" But she turned out nicer than i had thought after i got to know her more. I can only remember her searching for apartments to rent and recommending songs for me to download (Did i say "download" ???), while i was scanning pages from the Business Management textbook to prepare for my tuition lesson. Oh yea, Nic's kindda allergic to dairy products and cooking oil (YES, cooking oil), so she had a HUGE pot of vegetables for dinner every night. haha! That girl can REALLY eat. She gobbled down at least 5 kilos of vegetables in that HUGE pot. I said that i'd make her a horse made outta vegetables for dinner some day.
Well, the next party that occupied my sister's room were my beloved cousins from Singapore. John, Joel and their parents. I was rather excited to have them here because they're sorta the first of my family to see my house and to have a feel of our lifestyle here in Australia.

We went up to the Dandenongs last Wednesday, visited a infamous tea, coffee and chocolate shop before heading up to Pies In The Sky for lunch! haha! I must say that the pie was absolutely fabulous! A pity that Nic had to settle for her Peppermint Tea. haha! Oh yea, Joel's Vienna Coffee was a highlight of the day too! One of the best coffees i've ever had. Two shots of coffee and one shot of milk!

After that, we went up to the observatory to catch the sunset.. UNFORTUNATELY, the sky was overcast as it had been for most of that day. Thus, we were unable to see anything except for a dull looking overview of a greyish looking country side, even the city skyline lacked any distinct colour or poise. It was utterly disappointing. Nevertheless, we had a fun time on the Giant Chair! haha! John, Joel and I managed to climb on the top of the chair to take a photo.
On Friday (i think), i accompanied the Pang family to Philip Island where we admired the wonderful scenery at the Nobbies and at the Pyramid rocks. It was a VERY fortunate day because we got to see a Fairy Penguin nestling in a little mound in the ground (it's natural habitat). It was exceptionally adorable! We also got to see a wild porcupine near the Pyramid Rocks! haha! I was exhilarated to see it crawling around looking for grubs to eat. I never expected to see one anywhere else besides the zoo!
Day One of Orientation at Melbourne Uni was pretty good today. Got to meet some new friends in my host group. Ashley (our group leader, a 4th year Nursing student), Matthew, Anna and Jack... i can't remember the names of the rest, but i'll definitely get to know them a whole lot more over the next few days. I kindda failed to develop closer ties with my new friends today because i wanted to catch up with some old friends like Turk, Poland, Tommy, Jin, Jonno, Terrence, Andy, Daz and Tom Wang.

Well, the Host Group consisted of approx 12 pple. We had a short introductory session and played a group knot game, which was rather successful. Then Ashley took us on a tour around Melbourne Uni, which i got nothing out of honestly.. simply because he was talking too softly and there were too many Melbourne High friends along the way that i had to stop to catch up with!

Anyway, Daz, Tommy, Andy, Terrence, Jin and i went down to Desert House along Swanston street for lunch before heading back to Melb Uni for the Student Carnival. There wasn't much to do there really, but we did take some bee photos. haha! I put one a bee costume and did some gay-looking pose along with Tommy and Daz. haha! That was quite cool.. besides, we won some prizes for doing that!

Well, hope tmr will be a more interesting day! :)

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