Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wonder Debut Goal... a Mate from Sydney... and a robotic hatrick!

"How gracious is my Lord who listens to my cries even when i've sinned against him?"

That's Crown Casino from 300m up in the air!

Remember the pointless journey to Smith Street a few weeks back? Yea, this was the angry mob. Look at the hatred and digust in those eyes!
View of the office buildings (Optus, AWP, Isaac Holdings, Isaac FC., etc) from the Rialto Tower
Srini (the notorious gaybo) giving Arj a sensual massage! lol! I took a video of it. Srini caught red-handed in his gay exploits! haha!
View of the fire show along Southbank from the Rialto Tower

I don't know if anyone still visits this stagnant blog. I've been way too busy to even check my email, much less to express my feelings and emotions on this online safeplace. I just came back from a tennis game with Venetia, Valerie, Wesley, Daniel and Sha. It's been such a long time since we hung out together like this.. i miss those long drives out to the beach... those barbeque dinners. Anyway, i was feeling too tired to blog when Emmeline jumps outta the green manikin icon on the bottom right of every normal teenager's computer and starts confesses her dire boredom just to stress the importance of updating my blog. So, here it is... thanks for your inspiration Em. These few weeks are easily summed up with three phrases: A robotic hat-trick, A Mate from Sydney and a Wonder Debut Goal! :)

Well, i was feeling really nervous yesterday because it was the beginning of the church league season which i had just joined. For all of you who don't know, i recently joined a soccer team called NQA (Not Quite Asian) which plays in a mini church soccer league consisting of 8 teams. Qynn drove Shaun and i down to the pitch at Ashwood and we met the rest of the team there. I was shitting in my pants not because i lacked the skill, but because i DIDN'T KNOW HALF MY TEAM MATES! LOL! I've never trained or played with half of the team! How are we supposed to win the game???!

Anyway, i learned their names 10 minutes before the game. God graciously gave me a really good memory then because i was able to memorise their names. For most of you who know me well, i'm TERRIBLE with names. I literally forget names seconds after they're told to me!

We started off with a bang. I made several runs down the left-wing (it was my first time playing on the left of the midfield). I hardly got a touch of the ball, but i managed to make some nice tackles covering for Beven. 10 minutes into the game, my groin injury started acting up, and i grew breathless, so i subbed myself off. Our team continued to create many chances: Shaun scuffed a few sitters and Isaac (another Isaac. PS. all Isaac's are cool!) hit the crossbar with a sensational looping strike!

It was a stalemate as the two teams jogged off the pitch for the half-time break. Qynn was fatigued and Vic told me to replace him in the middle of the pitch -.-""" That's a HUGE responsibility; filling in for such a reliable player in Qynn. The pain in my groin kindda faded to a slight tingy sensation whenever i took a stride, but i decided to play for a while more just to give myself a little chance.

10 more minutes passed, and we were mounting MORE and MORE pressure onto our opponents. Then the break came when i exchanged a SPLENDID one-two pass with Lukey, i took a glance at the far left-hand corner as i struck the ball as hard as i could from a one-step run up on the edge of the penalty box. The ball deflected off the thigh of a defender and rappled into the back of the net! I was wide-eyed in disbelief when i saw the keeper rooted to the ground. LOL! I can't describe the elation that SURGED through my veins.. Such EXCITEMENT accompanied the sudden adrenaline rush that blew me up on cloud 99! It was my first proper goal in a competitive league match! All my fatigue faded away as my teammates surrounded me to pass on their congratulations.

We managed to spring their offside trap as Shaun held his composure to roll the ball comfortably pass a stranded keeper. Then Lukey sealed the game off with a AMAZING first-time volley into the bottom left-hand corner! 3-0. The ideal scoreline for our first match as a team! Keep it up NQA! Well done team!

The robotic hat-trick is a reference to Peter Crouch's three SPECTACULAR goals against Arsenal last night. Nick, Josh, Shaun and i watched the ultimate THRASHING of Arsenal last night. Boy! The double backheel by a combination of Pennant and Arbeloa ripped the Arsenal defence apart like a finger through a wet piece of toilet paper stained with arse chocolate! Liverpool was deliciously awesome last night! =)

Andrew, my North-Sydney billet, came over last Sunday for the North Sydney Sports Exchange hosted by my school. We spent the first day playing soccer with the Fungus pple. Then we spent that night playing a FIFA 07 tournament at home. He's grown SOOO much since the last time! He's about one and a half heads taller than i now -.-" and he's TANK too!

Just to sum up how the sports went. Andrew won his Discus event by a mile as North Sydney High claimed the points for Athletics. I played Futsal for Melbourne High. We had 10 pple in our team: Turk, Chalky, Laios, Johnny, Jase, Kev, Martin, Stevie, Brad and myself. I was in the starting line-up for all three games! :) Well, it was a BEST OF 3 GAMES. We lost the first game 5-4 because we weren't organised, but we hit the post 4 times.. so we deserved to win. We really took it to them in the second game. We were OWNING them so hard in the first half and were leading 4-2 at half-time. I was feeling really tired, so i subbed off while Laios had to endure with his fatigue in the second half. It was then that we lost our lead in a disappointing match that ended 4-4 -.-""

This meant that we had to win the last match by AT LEAST 2 goals to win by goal difference. Winning by 1 goal would only have given us a draw. I suffered from a semi-severe groin strain in the second game, which prevented me from kicking the ball! I had no strength left in my right leg! So i decided to sit out for the 3rd game. Well, my replacement Johnny, played the GAME OF HIS LIFE! Everyone played SOOO WELL in that last game, which really earned us a much-deserved 9-6 victory!!! Booyah! This meant that we claimed the points for Futsal, winning on a goal difference of 2! :) I feel quite bad because i was one of the few on the team that failed to score, and the only game when we played well was when i was not playing!! :(

haha!! Andrew and i joined Tommy and his billet, Josh, for dinner at Tommy's cousin's Jap restaurant on Monday. Aww! The food there is ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTUTOUS! Tommy's dad gave us a little treat, and Andrew took full advantage of that!!! lol! He had two bottled drinks, a fried ice-cream and a Sashimi Bento Set! haha! I don't he was full even after that! Andrew! You eat so much! I ordered Fried Chicken with Thin Noodles and Tommy ordered Fried Pork with Thin Noodles, and we shared a little. Josh had black bean beef noodles. haha! So much for eating at a Jap restaurant!

Tommy's dad was kind enough to drive us down to the city after that. We went up to the Rialto Towers along Collins Street. Aww man... i COULDN'T BELIEVE my eyes from up there! Boy! The tower is 300m + high and there was this open-air balcony that we could stand on. Man, the wind 300m up in the air was rather chilly, but the experience was one that i will NEVER forget! Looking down on Flinders Street, Southern Cross Station, Crown Casino and Bourke Street from a bird's eye view gave me a totally different perspective! The city was VERY well-lit. The road lights stretched for MILES... it was very much like the blue horizon that you would normally see at the beach, only that the horizon wasn't formed by the separation of air and water; it was made up of the radiant orangy city lights and the vast black night sky. Beautiful! :)

Well, thanks for coming Andrew. I had a great time hanging out with ya. I hope you enjoyed your stay! :)

Oh yea, it was my Best Friend Jocelyn's birthday last Saturday. I sung her a birthday song via the net! :) Thanks for always being there for me Joce!

The hols have come. It's not going to be an enjoyable one cuz i'm gonna be studying all the time (hopefully productively). So yea, for all of you who aren't in Year 12, have a great holiday! :) Don't waste time doing nothing, make use of every minute God has so graciously given you! :)

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