Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Friends? or Simply Acquiantances?

That's Val's reponse to Fru-Gal. What a timid heart she has! :P
An attempt at the rainbow..
The tennis crew.
The "bully of the playground" on the fly-fox!

Adrienne was trying on my sister's glasses. I told her that i wouldn't put it on my blog. But i think she might have heard me wrong.

Adrienne tried my glasses on. Again, i told her that i wouldn't upload it on my blog, but she might've been hearing things. And she was reading my smses!!
That's Fru-Gal, the frog that gave Val the fright of her life!

That's Daniel moments before getting nutmegged :P
A semi-successful attempt at a rainbow by Wesley!

The hols were fantastic! Well, at least i wish i could say that with some conviction. Sure, there were a few Futsal games, some lunches and some gatherings with friends, but most of my holidays were spent isolated in my tiny room studying -.-"

I guess all, or most of, the other year 12's were all studying too so i shouldn't indulge in too much exclusive self-pity. haha! I thank God for giving me such good friends to cheer me up in my most solemn of moments.

Daniel came over a couple of times because his parents weren't at home. We got to know each other a whole lot more, and i appreciate him so much more. Though he can be rather irritating at times, i wouldn't mind him as a younger brother :)

Him, along with Ven, Val and Wesley came for tennis games rather frequently. Hmm... Ven's really nice to talk to, and she's always full of enthusiasm whenever i speak to her. That injects some energy into my veins whenever i'm feeling lethargic. Val. Well, what can i say? Her unique laughter brightens my day.

Wesley. He's only the most innocent and adorable guys you'll ever meet! haha! I love it when his gluttony overcomes his curteous mannerisms at the dinner table! 9 out of 10 times you'll find him scrummaging through the food before we say grace! Aww, i wish he was my younger bro!

Anyway, i really thank God for these pple. They added a cheer to my sullen holidays.

I can't help but feel that i've grown more distant from my school mates. We were so close over the past few years, but i don't see any of them in any of my classes, except for Dazza. And i think that's affecting all my friendships. Sigh.. Anthony, Jin, Phan, Marcus, Harish, Tommy, Joe, Duc, Jase, Stevie, Banh, Victor, Jonno, Jamie, etc. I hate it when there are awkward moments with nothing to talk about... it never used to be like this.. until i stopped having classes with them.

It really pains me to see all these friendships fading away slowing, day by day..

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