Sunday, December 07, 2008

Guardian of My Heart

A flood pours down
And my heart overflows of your unfailing love
I am blinded by thee
So that I fear not even the rugged cliff
How long will you let me fall?
Fear overwhelms with its sharp cruel claws
Yet it grasps not my heart,
Nor my feeble mind.
For you are my Saviour.
My soul cries out to thee,
I praise you from my innermost being.
You have guarded my heart,
And have broken my fall.
Amazing Grace,
Unending Love which covers all.

Your will heedest not my selfish desires,
Your righteousness shames my bout of folly.
O, how you have rescued me in my time of trouble.
You have delivered me from the hands of the evil one.
My soul; it longs for you.
For you are my portion,
The sole reason for its being.
Deepest agony would grip my heart,
Should thy praise depart from my mouth.
I will not to stray from thee.
Thy Word leads me to safe places,
And I find rest in the palms of your hands.


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