Thursday, December 04, 2008


I'm beginning to hate myself and the values I hold dear.

Would I have to feel all this disappointment welling up inside of me?

If I was amoral, I wouldn't feel bad about hurting anyone. And in so doing, I won't hurt myself either.

I want to rant about the folly of some people, and the sheer immaturity of others.. but I've learned through the years that anger in itself is nothing but folly - nothing good shall ever stem from fiery alphabets stringed together to form a bitter cord.

I'm foolish too.

No doubt I'm immature.

I forgive you, at least I want to.. but I can't seem to get this strong bitterness and disappointment within me.

It's eating me up like a little green worm devouring the core of a fresh potato.

I need some pesticide.

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'drienne said...

oo whats been going on lately zaccc?