Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"Momart is where private collections are put out to pasture, where works that are too big, too precious, too fragile or simply supernumerary to their owners' homes are discreetly tended by expert staff." -- Laura Cumming

Today's Word of the Day:

Supernumerary: exceeding what is necessary or needed; superfluous.

I'd like to draw a line of comparison between Momart and Soccer. While you have extravagant works that are "too big" and "too precious" at Momart, there are big-headed players on the pitch that are "too cocky" and "too skillful". I reckon these players should be put into "Socmart" and be discreetly tended by expert staff... they need constant attention and praise to feed their unquenchable egos.

I wagged another Phyio lecture today to play in MHS 07's first match in the 2nd Sem of the Campus Sports Futsal comp. (i should really stop wagging lectures). We were playing 5 on 6 because Stevie + Turk failed to rock up! (Stevie, you owe me an explanation bro. We slogged our guts out today)

Our opponents were "Team Europe". They were unexpectedly and unbelieveably skillful! haha! They looked like amateurs before the match, but they turned into absolute BEASTS on the pitch! They managed to take advantage of the extra man to grind a 2-1 victory against us :(

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