Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy Sex Rally

My final Fungus Rally, the Crazy Sex Rally, turned out to be crazier than i expected. Fungus rallies used to be extremely hyped up. Everyone would be FULL of excitement and expectation. But the futile battle with time has only weakened that unquenchable zeal to a state where rallies are deemed as no more than "routine". It's a sad reality.

It saddens me. Yet it motivates me, to an even greater extent, to make a difference with the little time i have left with Fungus. Pray for me that my desire might turn into determination.

As i mentioned before, last night's Crazy Sex Rally was much better than I had expected! I really enjoyed the games (i won a Leona Lewis album, which I gave to Dan), the videos (Aud, you're the main cause of global warming), and most of all the message. Peter Janetski delivered an insightful message about the dangers of sex and what God has to say about it. He substantiated his points with an array of statistics, which warranted numerous negative responses. But i found them particularly interesting and relevant. He spoke in such an understandable, concise and precise way. He had me captivated from the beginning till the end. Amazing.

One thing he said stirred up feelings of sentiment within me:

"The Vow of Abstinence is likened to telling your future spouse: "I loved you even before I met you. I love you enough to save the best just for you.""

*tired from setting up and packing up from 8am to 11.40pm

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