Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lost "Sheep"

I almost forgot to blog about something extremely significant that happened this week. I was going about my usual Tuesday routine. After my PBS lecture at the Copland at 1pm, i went to the Brownless library just to borrow a book. I spent 10 minutes there before rushing to the 2nd level of the Babel building for bible study.

Amidst the many discussions, we were talking about how God would leave his 99 sheep behind to go out into the dark wilderness in search of that 1 missing sheep until he finds it and carries it back on his shoulders. Well, at the end of the bible study, Sam reiterated the fact that God sincerely loves us and DESIRES to keep us safe under his wings. In addition to that, he challenged us to have that same passion for the lost; to keep praying for our friends who still don't know Christ and to take the conscious effort to share the gospel.

Ironically, God really gave me an experience of searching frantically for my "lost sheep". Here's what happened: After the bible study, Nic and i went to the Ballieu library to study. We sat down and i reached for my laptop. Silence. Panic. I realised that it wasn't there! My new Macbook Pro ($4000!!!). I dashed out of the library and ran back to the Babel building to check if i had left it in the bible study room.

It wasn't. Went to the information desk to check, no luck. Went to the General Office to make a report; no luck either. So i rushed back to the Copland Theatre to check if i had left it under my seat during my PBS lecture. Nope, not there!

My last resort. The Brownless library. Went in, looked around, asked the librarian, looked for any suspicious looking people ( i was getting really disorientated and frustrated by then). Still, no luck! The librarian was particularly helpful. He called security for me, and i had to wait 30 mins for them to come over so that i could make a police report. This curry security guard sat me down and asked me a whole lot of questions. At that point, i was getting overwhelmingly frustrated as his incompetence. 

He asked what my laptop looked like.  

"It's a matted silver macbook pro. I had it in a soft spongy black sheath."

"Black Sheet?" (in a thick indian accent)

"No, black shea-TH (I made a conscious effort to emphasise the "eath" sound). S-H-E-A-T-H.

He recorded "Silver macbook pro in black sheet" on the police report.

At the end of it, i asked if i  could have a look at the surveillance videos.

He answered: "No, only the building supervisor and the security personnel are authorised to do so."

"Very well, you should note that i'm wearing a bright blue T-shirt"

"Oh yeah! Good point! I should make of note of how you look!"

I was utterly disgusted at his lack of experience, and i could picture my laptop vividly fading away in my mind. My parents had to pay $1000 for car insurance because of my reckless driving last week and now $4000 for my lost laptop!!! I was in a severe state of disgust (with myself) and depression. I went back to the library and told Nic about it. I actually contemplated suicide. lol! It's ridiculous and a little bit funny in retrospect, but it seemed like a very feasible option there.

Well, at that time.. i felt a very strong urge from the Lord to pray. I knew i had disobeyed the Lord and i had to pray and confess it. So i did. I stopped talking to Nic and spent the next 8 mins or so pleading with the Lord. Well, i didn't feel much better. So i gathered some resolve and decided to get some study done. About 2 hours later, i received a phone call.

"Hello, is this Isaac?"


"This is security. Your laptop has been handed in. You can collect it from the Brownless library when you're free."

Man, God really works in wondrous ways, doesn't he? It's the small miracles like this that God really reveals himself to me. It keeps me motivated to run this race for him.. He's real. I know it.

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