Thursday, November 27, 2008

Planting Seeds..

There's always an enthusiastic joy when we plant seeds.

A deep eagerness to see it grow drives us to do radical things.

I planted a potato in my backyard a month ago.

I watered it and waited.

I just checked on it.

It's not growing.

Here's a remarkable truth in the words of Paul.

We can only plant the seed;

We can only water the seed;

We can only shower some love on it.

But it is God who makes it grow.

I'm having faith in my potato.

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Minkster: Life Is A Quest said...

I remember scooping the tilled soil and smiling over it after the hard labor of digging when we were at TH-421. I joyed over those planted seeds that are going to grow out in the future. But, yes, it's only the Creator who controls all the fates in this world...

I think it's amazing how God chooses tiny things to manifest His glory and power.