Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I feel like my relationship with my mum is sinking into an abyss of eternal hate. One of the things i dreaded most is starting to take it's form. I used to watch chinese serials, read books and witness real life situations where the child totally hates his/her parents, and i told myself that i would never be like them.

I've got a lot of work to do, so i'll just cut it short:

I served my mum a bowl of corn soup for dinner.
At the end of dinner...
Isaac: Here mum, have some of this soup (leftover salty duck soup) it's your favourite.

Mum: Nah, i've already drunk the corn soup. I'm full, you have it.

Isaac: Aww, you should've drank the salty duck soup first.

Mum (accusing): You should've served it to me instead of the corn soup.

Isaac (sarcastically): I'm sorry. I apologise.

Yep, she got dead pissed after that. We haven't spoken since then. My dad said that i was at fault because it takes two hands to clap. I told him that it's different in this case because a swipe was taken at my face and all i did was to stick my hand out to block it; thus the clap. If i didn't stick my hand out, i would've been slapped hard right across the face.

Sigh.. no wonder Jesus talks about offering your left cheek even after your enemy has slapped you across the right one. I should really try that sometime. It would work on someone who has morals, but in this day and age, the only morals existent are not to commit genocide or homocide.

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