Sunday, October 11, 2009


I found a Dizwanger one day,
Looking intently into the vast blue sky.
Her search was for the One,
The only Apple of her eye.

I found a Dizwanger one day,
Staring across the deep blue sea.
I saw her smile and laugh,
And I wondered if it could be.

Predictability is a Dizwanger's unnature,
And Mystery is her crown of gold.
I long to understand it,
But I doubt my heart's bold.

The journey's long,
I've picked up a knock or two.
But what's victory without hurt?
And what's love in the absence of sacrifice?

I found a Dizwanger one day,
Resting on my side.
I wish it was forever,
Fall asleep in her eyes.


Life's been hard, but God's been great over the last few months.

Praise the Lord! :)

Jesus, I'm tired of walking alone
I can't hold this world up on my own
I'm a man in need of the cross.
Each time I see a running stream
So satisfying it may seem
But my soul; it's thirsting for more!

More of you, Lord Jesus
More, more of you, My Lord

I want to sing to you intimately
I want to hear you say, that you love me
I want to know you more than a friend
I want to feel the scars in your hands


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