Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I haven't haven't had to time to just relax and write my thoughts down. I came out of a difficult cardiorespiratory lecture. I was intending to do a little more catch up study so that I can finally get up to date; but I now find myself lounging in the Frank Tate. My mind feels utterly exhausted; like a race car after a continuous 48 hour race. It's been relentless from 8am this morning till now. I need a break.

My head feel sore from fatigue. I don't feel like blogging about anything that requires me to think. I'm going to write whatever comes to my mind.

I'm grateful for the peace that I can experience when I just sit back, relax, and close my eyes - not worrying about anything. No cystic fibrosis, no pleura, no ARDS, no pulsus paradoxus, nothing but silence.

I thank God for my friends. A whole heap of them are having their birthdays in March! We celebrated Gab's 18th last night. We had dinner at The Booth (like we used to in the past) last night. I'll never forget how we tied him to the basketball pole and creamed/vegemited/egged him all over. He was a helpless white platter of whipped cream stinking of Vegemite. We thought it was all over until Gab managed to rip the tape around his wrist to break free. All hell broke loose! He went around creaming/vegemiting the instigators with the cream/vegemite on his body. I had a taste of my own medicine too.. but I was glad to share in the mess. I hope you had a memorable night, Gab!

I've got my driving test booked in for tomorrow! I'm finally going to get my P's! (That's IF i pass). I can still remember getting driven by my dad and grand dad while I was young. I've always had this inate desire to take over the wheel - driving gives me a heightened sense of freedom. I can go anywhere I want without having to trouble my parents. I don't have to waste time waiting on the inefficient public transport system. Yep, Nicole's agreed to take me to Vic Roads for my driving test cuz my parents will be busy entertaining the Balmers (who've just arrived from America). She's such a helpful person. I'm gonna carve a medal out of pure gold for her for her 80th birthday.

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