Friday, December 07, 2007

Ultimatum - FM 08

It's been a long time since i've been addicted to anything, but i've been subconsciously lured into the despairing vices of an extremely addictive computer game - Football Manager 2008. I've spent at least 4 hours on that game every day!!! *punches myself in the face*

It's so addictive that i can't stop playing even when i tell myself that i HAVE to STOP. It keeps track of the total amount of time i've spent PLAYING the game: 1 DAY 11 HOURS 43MINS -.-"""" I SPENT AN ENTIRE DAY AND A HALF PLAYING A STUPID CPU GAME!!! LOL!

It's really been robbing me of my time and i've been unable to make a start any of my holiday goals. FM 08 just SUCKS the life outta you. It's been keeping me up to 4am and even 5am at one stage. I would wake up at 1pm and there goes half my day!

So, at 3am last night.. i made an ultimatum to DELETE the game. It'll be hard, but i'll find my way, i can GO THE DISTANCE! :)

I had my MHS Valedictory dinner on Monday night. It wasn't a night to remember, rather, it's a sentimental experience that i'll always keep dear to my heart. The principal, the school captains, and the year level coordinators made some speeches that somewhat summarised the whole year and it's hilarious highlights. I think the funniest part of the night was when Andy Van performed a rap on stage - Numb by Linkin Park. haha! He wasn't the best rapper to any extent, in fact, he was close to the margin of unbearable terrible. Despite that, every word (He never failed to put a loud emphasis on all the F-words) that came outta his mouth tickled the hearts of every student and teacher in that grand dining room at the Caulfield Racecourse.

It was good to see all my friends again. It's funny how you say "hi" and "bye" to most of them as though you'll see them again very soon, when in actual fact, you probably won't even think about them till the next reunion! Sometimes it's hard to start a conversation after a relatively long time of separation. Sometimes i feel really phony when i talk to these people, partly because i know they're phony too. Well, these are acquaintances - people who are good to know but there's always a very thick invisible line that puts a "lid" the level of social intimacy.

Yet, there are a close group of friends who i treasure dearly such as the people on my table: Jin and Anthony, and the other soccer dudes who weren't: Tommy, Daz, Banh, Harish, lil Joe, Phan, Jono, Tom Wang, Marcus, Jase, Andrew, etc. It's easy to talk to them because you know that they'll still care for you even if you're a dick head. lol! Look at Tommy! :P We know that we've always got each others backs. When i say "hi, it's good to see you", i actually mean it from the bottom of my heart. When i say my goodbyes, i KNOW that i WILL see them again really soon. Thanks guys, you make my days at MHS worth it! :)

Well, i'm going to delete FM 08 right after i finish this post and i hope my days will be used a whole lot more productively! SO... here's a brief outline of my day. Uncle Steven's family and Uncle Tham Fuan's family will be coming over for dinner tonight, so i thought i'll learn how to cook! :) I haven't decided what i'm going to cook YET, but hopefully i'll get down to doing it. I've acutally organised a Futsal session with a whole heap of people from Fungus, MHS, chink school and other friends, and i'm DYING for a kick. HOWEVER, DANI, my lil sis, is coming over tonight, so i'll stay home to have a chat with her. I'll be leaving the house in about an hour or so to meet up with Daz, Tommy and Justin at the school gym. We're gonna TANK IT UP! :)

Okay... i'm going it fulfill my ultimatum in 5....4.....3....2....1....FM 08 DELETED! BOOYAH! :)

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